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September 13, 2021
Greetings, I hope this update finds you in good health and spirit!
It certainly has been a strange year for me. Various twists and turns of things have happened. I had found an apartment in February of 2021. It was very difficult for me to stay in that unit. Very little natural light, it felt like I lived in a cave. There was no tub either, only a shower. The apartment itself overlooked a courtyard that was quite busy at times. I was not getting much rest and relaxation. I did not have a living room area, as it was utilized for my streaming tech gear.
In July, I had learned of another unit in the same building that had a bathtub. I then filed a reasonable accommodation request. It was approved, I am now upgraded to a two-bedroom unity with a tub! Now I have a wonderful apartment with a lot of natural light. It is a lot more peaceful. I have a living room area now too! The tech gear is in its own room. Such a blessing.
It did cost me quite a bit to move. But over time I can make up the difference.
Health Matters
My health has not been the greatest. Periodically I get very nauseous and sick when I first wake up. Last Friday, some blood came up too. I am a little bit nervous about this. I will be scheduling a doctor’s appointment this morning. 
Hermes health isn’t that good either. I often have to help him to stand up. I was terribly miserable about this. But after prayer and meditation, I spoke with him some. He seems to indicate that he just isn’t ready to transition. So I continue to give him the best life I can until he has had enough.
Random Acts Of Kindness
I recently was blessed with the opportunity to gift a young teen an electric guitar and amp. It has been a dream of hers to learn. I set out to make this happen and did.
Video and text of this event here:
My next project is to bless a young ten-year-old with a harmonica microphone and amp. If you would like to help make this happen. www.ajwhitewolf.com/donations
Prayer & Meditation Sessions with an added bonus
I have expanded the Monday and Friday morning programs. It is now one full hour. 
The Elevation Hour
  • The Garden Of Love 8:00-8:28 AM U.S. Central Time
    Instrumental D.J. mix with Video content.
    D.J. The Mystic Ninja AJ White-Wolf
  • Moment of Silence 8:28-8:30
    So that things can quiet down before Prayer and Meditation.
  • Prayer & Meditation 8:30-9:00
You can find that here:
There are now two live streams. One to zoom, and one to YouTube. I am looking into the possibility of more platforms to do this program.


I became terribly vexed when certain groups of religious orders claimed that they would be refusing Communion to a certain individual. I do not believe that anyone in service to G-d can legitimately refuse another who wishes to partake of the Lord’s Table. I am working on getting an f.m. radio transmitter, and a small generator. The program would be received on a car stereo or via a small speaker next to me. So that I can host an outdoor ceremony for those that wish to partake. This will not be the traditional canonized version of Communion. 
Public Speaking And Events
I have not been active with public speaking or programs in over a year now. If your progressive church would have me. I am willing to come. I am very big on sharing my story and faith. 
The Mission Continues
I continue with the mission for White-Wolf Ministries. Soon I hope to begin our annual Homeless Needs Drive. You can support White-Wolf Ministries directly at www.ajwhitewolf.com/donations or send them directly to the address in the signature line. I hope in the near future to set up drop-off sites for items in the Madison area.
I love you, bless you, appreciate you, and behold the incredible being that you are. - AJ

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