Gifting A Guitar And Amp To A Bright Shining Star

I met this teen recently. I feel like she is a very old soul wanting to bust out into the world and make her mark. I larned recently that she really wants to learn how to play Electric Guitar. I began to raise some funds on Twitter. But a wonderful mutual follower stepped up and donated a guitar to my young friend. I in turn purchased a small practice guitar amp. The event took place yesterday.

The music in the background was random off of my YouTube playlist. It turns out it was her favorite song when she was much younger.

It is such a blessing to be a light to the world. It is not difficult at all. Find something another is lacking of, then find a way to get them that one thing. boom! you just made a difference in someone's life that will probably change them forever! Much Love - Rev AJ

If you would like to help AJ White-Wolf do more random acts of kindness for people.

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