While reaching for the other goals of this program. AJ White-Wolf has been handing out gloves, hats, hand warmers, and is working on feminine products and hygiene items too. Blankets for warmth are needed. Jackets in the winter time. He will be looking for individually wrapped foods that do not require eating utensils, refrigeration, or plates and cups. 

Winter is coming, it kills me that people are on the streets. Some, without even a vehicle to get out of the elements. Women in my city in example, have to sign up for a lottery to get into the Women's Shelter. If they don't "win" they are turned out onto the street. Exposing to the risk of elements and nefarious characters on the streets. - AJ White-Wolf

Ways You Can Help

  1. Rise Up Campaign
    Originally designed to help get AJ off the Streets. It is now being used to continue to help others to rise up.
  2. Red Dragon TV is a long standing project of AJ's Donations can be done at:
  3. If you would like to help AJ directly you can do so via Zelle app using the email address 
What Will The Donations Be Applied to?

There are many things I hope to raise funds for. I know that through the help of others. I can in turn reach out and help those at the bottom tier of Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs. Another focus is to achieve the second tier. Which is help place them in transitional housing, then permanent places to live.

A few of the goals are:

  1. Purchasing Socks, Underwear, feminine products etc etc for the Homeless. Gloves, hats, and jackets too. Blankets for in the cars. Food items too.
  2. Gas to help people living in cars get around for social services, or to a new job. AJ takes them directly to the Gas Station and pays for it.
  3. Clothing for Job Interviews or new Jobs. Someone may need steel toe boots, or new pants in order to work.
  4. Helping individuals to obtain, or maintain affordable housing. Security in having a safe place to live is vital to good health and longevity. 

Recently there was a big Cold Weather Clothing drive held at Three different locations. I have a number of items in the vehicle's arsenal for combating this problem with homeless people's. 

Currently there is also Administrative debt too.

There are Long Term Goals as well. These goals will be focused on as I am able to raise funds in real time at public performance and speaking engagements.

I am doing my best to be as transparent as possible. There will be financial reports down the road. Letting people know just how much has been taken in, and to what purpose the funds collected for was applied too.

Your Donations will help tremendously. Thank you for Considering this project. It is not a non profit, nor is it a business. I recently did the math. I have a little over 8k a year for bills that are related to my ministry. Along with a little over 8k for living expenses. Leaving me with less than 100.00 a month for gas and food. The program is just my grass roots effort to help make a change. Be Well - AJ

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