Your Donations will help White-Wolf Ministries reach its goals.

Ways You Can Help

  1. Rise Up Campaign
    Originally designed to help get AJ off the Streets. It is now being used to continue to help others to rise up.
  2. Red Dragon TV is a long standing project of AJ's Donations can be done at:
  3. If you would like to help AJ directly you can do so via Zelle app using the email address 
  4. Cash App $AJWhiteWolf
What Will The Donations Be Applied to?

The Priority

I discovered central park homeless camp 9.10.2020. They are in desperate need of tents, sleeping bags, blankets, and cold weather clothing. 

between 9.10 and 9.16.2020: I have spent well quite a bit of money on credit card purchases for homeless. getting them things that they have so desperately needed for their camp.

Secondary Goals

Currently we are working on setting up the camper, or getting a newer model to become White-Wolf Ministries traveling studio. We will be setting up the gear with an FM radio transmitter to hold Drive In theater type Prayer Vigils. 

In addition: working toward an end goal of eliminating the $4500.00 debt.

$1200.00 is credit card debt from covering bills these last four months.
precovid projections was 300.00 to 1,000 per month.
Due to covid only $200.00 from February through August 2020!

The difference of the total debt is what is owed on the vehicle.

Short Term Goal: Purchasing $150.00 8 channel mixer, and D.J. Mp3 deck mixer $700.00

  • other gear wanted:
    1. outdoor tents for public events, Lighting
    2. 5 to 10 1080p Room Cam's so events can be recorded and virtual livestreaming
    3. high end gaming computer
    4. studio microphone's for interviews. 

I want to provide cosmic church services for people that are wanting more than the traditional church programs.

Long Term Goal: to purchase between three hundred and one thousand acres of land to build a sanctuary for humans and creatures that need a safe place to live. Hoping to repeat the process in two to three areas of the lower forty-eight.

Your Donations will help tremendously. Thank you for Considering this project. It is not a non-profit, nor is it a business. The program is just my grass roots effort to help make a change. Be Well - AJ

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