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  1. Red Dragon TV is a long-standing project of AJ's Love Offerings can be done at:
  2. If you would like to help AJ directly you can do so via the Zelle app using the email address 
  3. Cash App $AJWhiteWolf
  4. Venmo @Ari-John-White-Wolf - the Venmo system is owned by PayPal and much easier to use.
    I recommend using Venmo for gifting people, and PayPal for goods and services. 

- Various Things That May Not Be Related To Ministry

The stone needs to be rolled away

At the end of April 2022, there was a murder and domestic violence situation in the apartment right below me. I am not finding suitable alternatives to live. I need something peaceful and quiet for a change.

I tried to fix my camper to stay in. Was paying a lot of money on credit card to fix and for gas. I am ditching the camper and scaling down to my vehicle. It needs a lot of work too. Currently living in the SUV. Vehicle needs 1200.00 worth of work. Tires and rear shocks are at the top of the list.

AJ's Apartment Fire

On October 1, 2020: Reverend AJ had a devastating apartment fire after feeding the homeless at the park that day. Currently, many aspects of the boots on the ground Ministry are stalled out. Your Love offerings at this point are not directed to the ministry but to help Reverend AJ pay off the vast amount of debt that was created by replacing things lost. Many of those things are tools used for the production of electronic ministry itself.


White-Wolf Ministries is an Inter-Faith based Ministry. However many of the things that Reverend AJ does has little to do with doctrine or attempting to convert anyone to a particle article of faith. Most of the work is purely service to the community. AJ White-Wolf does not interfere with others' religious affiliations, beliefs, or even atheists or agnostics. Each individual's path is valid and important. This is how the old world use to be before dogma crept in during the proto-orthodox grab for power over people began.

Your Love Offerings in support will help tremendously. Thank you for considering this project. It is not a non-profit, nor is it a business. There have never been enough donations to establish as a 501 c. Reverend AJ continues to do his best to help others. Most of this program's expenses are out of pocket. The program is just my grassroots effort to help make a change. Be Well - Reverend AJ

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  • Love you and appreciate the positive energy you put into the world.

  • AJ was a good tenant in my Apt Bldg. He was my neighbor on my floor.
    It is unfortunate what happened to him with the fire. Some of us tenants donated money for AJ.
    We wish him good luck from now on, thoughts and prayers go out to AJ and his 2 dogs which are his kids to him.
    Thank God all of us and our animals got out of the Bldg safe and sound. It could of been worse if we didn’t have a new Bldg with a sprinkler system.

  • I hope your health is returning to you and that you are making progress on housing.

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