Monthly archives: December, 2021

wwm is not a non profit nor a business

Someone started harassing this ministry today. Over something petty, they pulled on Twitter and I had to block them. This ministry is not a nonprofit or a business. There just is not enough donations to make it either. Most of the expenses are out of Reverend AJ’s own pocket.

Homeless Needs Wish List

WWM is doing its annual silent Homeless Needs Drive. Wish List The following items are for Men, Women, and various stages of childhood. Looking for new and gently used items. Gloves and mittens, various sizes. Thermal Clothing, Various sizes Jackets, Various sizes. Winter socks, various sizes Hoodies, various sizes Fabrics Wish List AJ is kicking …

Acts Of Kindness, a gift for a gifted soul

YouTube Link July I was able to gift a young teenage girl an Electric Guitar and Practice amp. It made my day to be a part of that foundational element. A friend on twitter had sent the guitar to me and I had picked up the amp online.  This last week I was able …