Needing To Vacate My Apartment

If you have been following the local news media. A terrible event happened in the apartment directly below me. The domestic violence that erupted is a darkness that I cannot comprehend. I am needing to move. I am hoping to be out within two weeks.

I have a small camper in storage that I can fix-up. I have a lot of the materials but still, need more to live comfortably. It would double as my living space and podcast studio.

I want to install solar panels on the roof too. I am hoping to get a sold wood door so it can be cut to fit the entry. I am wishing to purchase six to nine small windows with cranks and screens already built in the frames.

My lease is not up until July 1, 2022. But I just am having a tough time knowing what happened down below me. The energy is a constant and it is draining me quite a bit.

I will continue looking for an affordable place to live. But the practicality of that is limited. I no longer wish to live in the Madison or surrounding city suburb areas. The tricky part is in order to use HUD/VASH, I must be within 50 miles of the Madison VA. At any rate, I must keep my Wisconsin Residence as I have a good insurance plan that I am grandfathered into. I need country, woods, etc. 

Love offerings can be done here - There are a number of ways to help

Thank you for your support - AJ

Here is the horrible news links for the recent event. Be before warned the details are dark.

$1 million cash bond set for Madison man accused in toddler’s death

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