AJ White-Wolf has written many songs through the years. AJ also finds unique tunes that speak to him as cover materials. 

  1. Original Songs

    Various songs came into being as a result of life's journey.

    Welcome To The Show

    This piece is about connection to all that is. It includes giving breath and birth to new beginnings.

    Lay Down Your Sword

    This tune is about stepping away from going to war with one another. It brings about the message that in order to have world peace. It has to start with each and every one of us. We must get along with our neighbors if we insist the world do the same.

    Latter Rains

    Latter Rains is from the Jewish Bible. It is a time period that comes and happens in such a way that it spawns and brings bountiful harvests to the region. The Ancients in the region would pray regularly for the Latter Rains. The metaphysical implication of this is that our souls receive the nourishing waters that bring about a bountiful harvest in our spirits.

    Tribute (For Veterans)

    This song was written as a thank you to all that have served. It is inclusive in that it includes the wartime veteran and the peacetime veteran. It remembers the fallen and pays homage. There is also a complete admission and recognition that families of military personnel are also serving our nation. It gives a gentle nod to those suffering from the aftermath of serving in the military during wartime. The closing appreciation is sent out to all our men and women. That we want them all home on our lands safe and at peace.

  2. Cover Tunes
    Songs were written by other artists. 

    U2 - 40

    The band U2 wrote this song based on Psalm 40

    Gospel - God On The Mountain

    I stumbled on this song when I was hospitalized after a horrible life event. A situation out of my control. I was in a very dirty jail cell for three days with no clothing. When I decided to pray, I was released without going before the judge. This song helped me to heal on so many levels.

    Gospel - River Of Life

    A powerful reference to the energy of the Divine. Flowing through us and helping us to be greater than we ever imagined ourselves to be. 

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