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May 11, 2022
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Adaptable And Pioneering Spirit

Greetings, The warm weather has finally rolled in and I am so pleased with it!

I know that I am a bit late with this week's release. I have had a lot on my plate recently.

This week I discovered that one of my tires on the camper in storage had a flat tire. I was a little bit perplexed. How will I get this thing taken care of? My solution was a simple one. Go to the Farm and Fleet and purchase an 11-gallon air tank. after the purchase, headed to fill it up with air. The third gas station finally had the type of air hose fitting that would work at the air pump. I filled the tank with air and went down to the garage. Pumped it up right away. It was awesome to see it work so well! After I got in the car and started driving home. I began to realize that I indeed have a pioneering spirit.

That spirit probably is a plethora of things that gave me the skills. Boy Scouts, Homeless teen, Marine Corps, Homeless by a choice traveler, etc. I began to realize that I can fix most things and issues that come up and that if I do finally decide to travel. I could fix my own flat tire with a kit should it happen. 

Apartment Hunting And The Camper

I have been working on finding a new place to live. There is far too much chaos and mayhem here at Taylor place for my tastes. I am a very sensitive soul and can still feel the anger that has been shut up in that apartment below me.

In my search, I am discovering that I am thinking I need to go beyond the Madison, and suburb cities. I need quiet and rest. The last three apartments have been difficult to achieve that objective. 

I believe in having multiple ideas on the table. I have been spending time in my storage garage in Barneveld unburying the camper and setting it up for the conversion. I have most of the materials. I am looking for a solid wood door that can be cut to fit the rather narrow camper door passageway.

My lease is up July first. In the event, I am unable to locate a place that fits my needs. I will just put most of my things in the garage, then travel in the camper to wooded destinations. letting go of a lot of stuff and energy speaking would be brilliant. If I am still unable to locate housing in the fall, my intention will be to head south. I have tried to travel in the past. but had poor running vehicles and it was not practical to travel.

My prayer for all of us is that the scales would fall from our eyes and we would see the beauty in the world - Reverend AJ

Love One Another

This is an article I wrote in Twenty-Twenty. It is still very profound. I am forever amazed at how many enjoy the high associated with the dopamine levels from having to be right or angry. Both are critical energies that create a lot of chaos and mayhem. 

This week while driving I witnessed a person spill their motorcycle. I pulled over and flipped my flashers on, got out, and made sure she was ok. I have also been consciously aware while driving my car. See a car trying to get in traffic from a parking lot? stop for a second, it costs no one any time. let them in. I have been doing the same for pedestrians standing on the corner or approaching it. I am not in that big of a hurry that I can't love my fellow human beings.

Love One Another

When you see something that is not right, not fair, not just, you have to speak up. You have to say something; you have to do something.

John Lewis

Hutch Update

This little man brings me so much joy. I don't know what I would do without him. He is absolutely brilliant. Lately, he has been jumping on the futon and putting his toy on my shoulder. 

Hutchie is very well behaved and listens to me with great anticipation. I appreciate this little beastie so much! The picture above is where Hutchie puts his toy. He has figured out how to put it there without it falling. This dog is hilarious. The picture below was his silly grin taken right after he put the ball on my should. "Throw that ball papa!"


Prayer And Meditation Sessions Are Shorter Now

I have been contemplating this for some time. The half-hour program was just too long for new people to join and get something out of it. The program is now around 12 to 15 minutes now.

I am going to be doing a lot of pre-recorded segments at this point. My internet is not the most stable at times. So I will be uploading the segments and then be available in the YouTube Chat room that is adjacent to the stream on YouTube. The chat feature is only available on the White-Wolf YouTube Channel. You can click the link underneath the embedded video to go directly to that page. Sign in on your google account and you can say hello!

For those comfortable, the chat room can be used for sharing any prayer needs, or concerns. It can be a place to share and celebrate your joys for the day too! If you have a private confidential prayer request. just let AJ know via any means you wish to use to communicate it. I will pray with a muted mic for your needs.

Zelle Update

There was a love offering on April 29th. Zelle sent me the funds. My Credit Union received the funds. But it happened right before their system upgrades. I am still waiting for my account to be reconciled with the payment. 

Song Of The Day

You are before warned: This song is a high-energy heavy club bass beat. If that is not your thing. This song is not for you! 

This song is a favorite of mine. For those not aware I was a club DJ in the eighties and nineties. So I can never give this style of music up.

Vini Vici is the psytrance duo formed by Aviram Saharai & Matan Kadosh. Both well known & experienced electronic music producers for over a decade.

"Namaste" - Vini Vici


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