Acts Of Kindness, a gift for a gifted soul

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Last July I was able to gift a young teenage girl an Electric Guitar and Practice amp. It made my day to be a part of that foundational element. A friend on twitter had sent the guitar to me and I had picked up the amp online. 

This last week I was able to bless another young person with a gift for his talent. He is ten years old and to keep him safe there is no video content of this particular event. I had discovered last spring that he loves to beatbox. A form of music creating sounds with the mouth. Primarily within the hip hop music scene. But it is not limited to that.

You should have seen how big his eyes got when he saw the microphone. He was stunned to find out that deeper in the box was a 20-watt practice guitar amp. I provided a data cd, and an audio cd with a few songs that are royalty-free so he can play around with them and record his beatboxing and should he choose to upload recordings. He will not get hit with copyright infringement. 

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Document Created On December 4, 2021 By AJ White-Wolf

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