WWM Now Offers Communion Services

White-Wolf Ministries now offers Communion Services to be tailored to individual or group needs. 

I became incredibly vexed when I saw that priests were calling to have communion withheld from President Biden. This is not how you serve humanity. If you are called to serve the people as men or women of God. You must be willing to serve all creatures, no matter how great or small their standing is in the community. If you are on a different level of the political spectrum. That should not be a reason to withhold Communion. Let no man or woman prevent any of God's children from sitting at the Lord's Table.

Each Communion serving is individually wrapped. They are sterile and the recipient peels the top layer back. Revealing the bread. Next, peel the second layer back to reveal the non-alcoholic beverage.

White-Wolf Ministries position is that all are welcome at the Lord's Table. No one will be turned away based on Faith, Race, Sexual Orientation, or Identity. This service is currently limited to the Madison, Wisconsin area. 

The ritual itself will not be the traditional canon method for delivering communion. We embrace unity and oneness with the self, our ancestors, the Church, and Divine Love.

Reverend AJ is considering a small portable amp, generator, and 10x10 tent soon. Possibly adding a 10x20 Tent in the future. This would allow for very public access to anyone. Including the homeless, or people that may not be comfortable going into a church service held in a building. a public service will consist of a parking lot service, with an adjacent area for individuals without cars near the p.a. system.

Contact Reverend AJ for details if this is something that speaks to you.

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