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April 06, 2022
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The secret of getting ahead is getting started.

Mark Twain

Ah April warmth slowly comes

Greetings, I hope that you are taking the time to be very gentle with yourself.

This has been an interesting week for me. I have been learning so much about myself during the daily meditations. Something that keeps popping up in my head. In the Military, we were taught Preventative Maintenance. It basically means our rifles, our pistols, our tanks. All had to be in perfect running order at all times. 

It occurs to me that a daily meditation practice, in and of itself is Preventative Maintenance. It is the most important way to establish peace. Pray and meditate for peace before war happens. Rather than lamenting after the event. Reactionary prayer is effective. But I am convinced that one who is in prayer and meditation before an event. Helps them to succeed in a far greater capacity. 

I ran into a young teen who was having a hard time expressing himself to me. If you encounter someone who struggles with speaking with you. Gently encourage them to speak their truth. To let out whatever it is within that they are trying to process. You will have given them the gift of grace. Grace already exists never forget that. It is always here for you and me.

I hope that you consider hitting the reset button when someone tries to pull you into their storm. You can pull them into your peace. If they refuse that move on, Namaste - Reverend AJ

Hutch Update

Hutchie and I had a very busy day Sunday. We attended Church so that he could meet a person that I admire a lot. Suzann was quite pleased to get to meet him finally. I was handing people Hutchie treats to give to him which helped with the socialization process in such a crowded building. The little one started looking for cookies in everyone's hand before I gave them one. Too funny.

After Church, I met with an engaged couple who I am officiating for their wedding in two weeks. Hutchie was able to spend a long time with their dog in the big huge fenced-in yard. That little guy can fly! Wow, can he run, he was so happy playing tag with his friend. It was a lot of fun to watch him enjoy himself so much.

This little dog has taught me that you can really enjoy your life and just live in the moment. That is the power of now! His coat keeps getting a deeper red. I really am just hypnotized by this little dog all day long.

Such A gorgeous Dog

John Trudell

I felt the need to honor one of my teachers today. So this week I wrote about one of my personal heroes. Mr. John Trudell

John Trudell

Song Of The Day

This song is classic by John Trudell. Some may not be able to listen to the harsh words or sit through the visual content. You have been before warned that this is a song of pain and understanding of that pain.

"Rich Mans War" by John Trudell

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