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January 26, 2022
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Greetings, what is your perception today?

"Every person has a different view of another person's image. That's all perception. The character of a man, the integrity, that's who you are."

Steve Alford

Automated Thoughts & Perceptions

Take a look at the picture at the top of this post. Do you see a man running in the woods or do you see a dog? There is a term in some psychology circles called Automated ThoughtsAutomated Thoughts are the process where the mind assumes to know what is true. Sometimes we are way out in the left-field with our perceptions of what is happening around us. It is not necessarily a bad thing. Automated Thoughts have helped our ancestors to navigate precarious worldly events. This creature or that creature could have been potentially dangerous to early man's development. So the fight or flight mechanisms would kick in.

If you guessed a man running in the woods. I invite you to take a closer look. It is actually a dog running toward you in the picture. If you saw a man running in the woods it was your Automated Thought process kicking in. You saw an image and in your mind, it became what you thought you were seeing.

When I was in therapy for severe PTSD issues. This was the main focus that the therapists gave us for our toolbox. As part of our Cognitive Therapy, we were asked to make three columns on a piece of paper. Column A - the event that took place. Column B - What we assumed happened. Column C - What really happened. We were asked to meditate and contemplate the events that triggered the PTSD flare-ups. It was a powerful exercise and had tremendous healing.

Quite often our greatest human failure is assuming we know what another person is thinking. Like we are omnipotent beings that know all and see everything. The truth is we are potentially more wrong than right.

I took a course in the United Methodist Church. It was very long, taking almost ten months to complete. It was called Stephen's Ministry. In the class, we learned to listen to individuals with hearing. There is a difference between just listening, and listening with hearing. 

We were trained that after the individual made a statement. Usually to do with something heavy that they are dealing with. That we should clarify with the person what they were saying. To speak to them in our own language. Confirming our perception of the individual's statement. This allowed room for the individual to confirm or deny what we thought we had heard. The truly gifted helpers are willing to step aside from their ego and say "I got it wrong, and I apologize." 

Beloved, we are not God, We are merely the face of God. We would do well to remember that when working with other human beings. Every one of us has come from a different background.  We fail others when we assume that we understand and comprehend the language a person uses to define what they are dealing with. I invite you to look into a person's eyes and see the true person deep within their soul. To connect with their sacred truth. To bow down metaphorically to that person in recognition of seeing a person before you that matters to the world.

I truly believe in the Tikkun Olam concept. That we Repair The World, through our actions. Our communities are fragmented and the evidence of that is the massive polarization of people on Social Media sites. 

When we can step away from self-protective Automated Thoughts and see the individual before us. We have manifested the beginning of healing for all. Including ourselves! Be well dear friends and try bowing down to each other in deep reverence. Namaste

I hope that you are well and doing your best to repair the world - Reverend AJ

Hutch Update

I have been ordering boots and sweaters online only to discover that they were too small for him. It is exasperating but I continue to search for the right winter gear for him to go outside comfortably. We have been limiting how long he is outside as it has just been far too cold for his little body to maneuver. 

His training continues to go well. When I say place it means for him to set off to the left side and wait for further instructions. This helps when waiting for an elevator. When we get on the elevator. I say turn around and we do a small half circle. Then he sits when we stop waiting for the doors to open. We continue to reinforce the language that he is learning and adapting to. It is absolutely wonderful to work with such a smart dog.

On Sunday he had a playdate with his sister Rosie who lives across the street. Mark and Anna are just as doting as I am with Hutch for Rosie. So I am comfortable with them coming over and picking Hutchie up. They played for an hour and a halt. When Hutch got home he crashed pretty hard. When they come to get my little man, it gives me short breaks to do things around the apartment.

Song Of The Day
"Only Human" by Rag N Bone Man

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