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January 05, 2022
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Greetings, Welcome to Twenty Twenty-Two!

"Happiness is not a matter of intensity but of balance, order, rhythm and harmony."
Thomas Merton


Stepping off into January I was reminded of the Cherokee proverb concerning the two Wolves. One Wolf is consumed with things like jealousy, rage, anger, bitterness, slander. The other Wolf is driven by love, peace, harmony, respect, and dare I say unity. The elder explains that both are within each one of us. The young one being told the story asks which Wolf wins in the struggle. The Elder replies "The one you feed."

I am not a big fan of New Year Resolutions. It is an archaic tradition that almost seems connected to more browbeating than becoming a better person. I do believe that each one of us has room for improvement. But I often see resolutions that are noble intentions. But what happens if you fail your desire to achieve an objective. Do we proceed to psychological self-inflicted self-hate and dogma? 

I prefer a much more simple approach to things. I have a daily practice of connecting to the source. Finding those things that no longer serve me and releasing them. I find this method to be way more practical in obtaining an objective. There are no tremendous expectations, nor are there fabulous rewards. You just become that which you wish to become. a centered and peaceful soul content with Divine Love within. 

I truly hope and speak out in affirmation that every one of us receives double in blessings giving us the best year that we have ever had!

The following link is from last Monday's Prayer & Meditation session short clip on the two wolves

I am considering changing the name of the  Prayer & Meditation Sessions. Prayer seems almost too heavy and might scare a newcomer off. Meditation, often the thing I hear from people is "I would meditate but I just can't get my brain to shut up." Needless to say, there are a lot of preconceived ideas of what the practices of Prayer and Meditation are. Therefore I am considering a switch. 

I love you, I bless you, I appreciate you, and I behold the incredible person that you are!  - Reverend AJ



The Prayer & Meditation Sessions are going to be renamed The Garden Of Love. This is part of the conscious shift from 2021 into 2022. I have decided that rather than doing the repair the world vigils. That The Garden Of Love will eventually become a daily event, morning and evening too. The Repair the World program will be integrated into The Garden Of Love program. For now, the program will continue on Monday and Friday mornings. Soon to be other days of the week included in the schedule. All of these will be streamed on White-Wolf Ministries YouTube Channel. Which is also embedded on the ajwhitewolf.com site. 


January 1, 2022, will be the last Zoom Session for the Prayer & Meditation Sessions. There has been little interest in that room and going forward on Monday, January 3, 2022, will be streamed from the YouTube channel. The link for this is below.

WWM will resume the Repair the World Vigil only on YouTube beginning January 12, 2022.


Communion & Prayer Needs

Reverend AJ offers Communion for individuals who wish to have it. Contact Reverend AJ via the information in the footer for any of these needs to be met. 

Prayer requests can be done in private sessions via zoom, or over the phone. 

Homeless Ministry

I continue to collect things for the Homeless. New and Gently used items are lovely.

I am looking into sewing oversized insulated Panchos that can double as a layer or blanket. Gently used or brand new blankets and comforters would be lovely for this project.

The following link contains greater details and the wish list of items needed for this year's Homeless Needs Drive.



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  • Private Sessions


The Garden Of Love
Monday & Friday 8:30-9:00 AM US CST

Centering, Releasing, Reflection, Listening, Processing, Resetting

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