Visiting Other Places of Worship

As a Minister without walls. I feel it to be of great importance to attend many types of services that fall under different categories of Denominations. I think this will give me a more rounded experience. Every Church or place of Worship, does things differently from one another. It is this experience that I long for.

Recently I have been visiting the all inclusive local Methodist Church. Bashford Methodist Church drew me in with a banner on the outside of their building in rainbow colors. 

All Means All

This drew me in right away. I was impressed and must admit a little bit confused. Because over the last year or so the United Methodist Church has been in the news for denying acceptance of the LGBT lifestyle. More importantly that Marriage of same sex relationships was prohibitive.

Upon my arrival at Bashford, I felt very welcome. There was definitely a manifested spiritual presence. Which is a requirement of mine to return to a House of Worship. If I do not feel the Holy Spirit. It is deeply disturbing to me. It tells me that such a place is more focused on the work, rather than Faith.

I was struggling with this because my current Home Church, Unity Of Madison is beginning a Fall Series. It is something I am very interested in. Silly me, I was the one that implemented the Audio Video Tech Services, as well as taking them from a Cassette Tape Ministry to a YouTube presence. I can always visit the Churches Archives on YouTube. 

By utilizing my Home Church's Archives. Its will give me room to travel and visit other Churches. Possibly promoting my own program in the process. Through this visitation of other Spiritual Places of Worship. I may be able to find opportunities to perform and be guest speaker at these places. A dear Minister friend of mine The Reverend Judy Pilat has said, You have to be present to win. Action develops an end result. Never the opposite. 

I am going to be working on this starting in a couple of weeks. This Sunday I will be attending the Bashford UMC. Then next Sunday, I will return to my Home Church as the new Minister steps up to the plate. I wish to support him and lift his arms up so that he does not get tired. I realize that is an obscure biblical reference to when Israel was loosing the battle and the Levitican Priests saw that it was because Moses was fatigued from holding his arms up. So they ran over and held his arms up for him.

If you have a progressive Church or Organization in your midst. Please consider leaving their contact info in the comments. Include websites and YouTube Archive Links. Thank You. 

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