Tikkun Olam Vigil 2.12.2020

Here is the unedited version of Tikkun Olam – Repair The World Vigil.

I felt that this wasn’t bad for an original concept and the first time before a live group. It did run around twenty minutes longer than I had hoped, but I am working on this in time for the next program.

My goal with this program is to share my vision of Repairing the World by taking this program to other churches. It is my sincere hope these churches will take Tikkun Olam to heart and hold a regular vigil for Repairing the World.

We did have a few minor tech-related glitches, which always seem to happen when you first try something. Please forgive them and ignore them.

The service itself was designed to allow ourselves to Let Go and Let God. What do I mean by this?

  • Firstly, the music in this service was not only for worship but the chosen music was also beneficial for building the heart space to accept whatever it is we as individuals may need adding to our toolbox as we work to Repair the World. 
  • A brief meditation was included in the service. I allowed myself to be open and accepting without any preconceived notions of what to pray and meditate for. This proved powerful as I accepted the meditation’s gift, which was to help us as individuals to forgive others who may have hurt us, to forgive ourselves, and to find what is needed for each of us as individuals to do that can indeed repair the world.
  • During the sermon, I expressed how important and imperative it is that we as individuals begin within ourselves for this journey to happen. I demonstrated how a simple act of kindness can be key to overcoming the rancor we encounter in our lives.
Edited condensed Version
Removed Some of the Songs By Other Artists


The entire service:
Tikkun Olam - Repair The World Vigil 2.12.2020

The Sermon text can be found here.

The Service Details

Our first vigil was held at the Unity of Madison Church in Madison, Wisconsin. About an hour before program time, we were hit by a heavy snowstorm. It really put a damper on attendance for the event. However, even though the weather was unkind we did have around twenty brave hardcore Wisconsin souls attend. Twenty souls who felt drawn to this Repair the World Vigil and for whom I am honored and grateful for their support.

It was heartwarming to have both the Pastor from Bashford United Methodist Church The Reverend Amanda Stein, as well as the Deacon for Bashford United Methodist Church, The Reverend Kory Douglas join us and pray with us during our vigil. Both offered their own insights into what it means to Repair the World and I would like to offer a huge thank you to them both and recognize these two are truly a woman and man of God.

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Repair The World Service Details for Feb 12 2020

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