Pentecost Sunday, the birth of the Church. There were many preparations that took place leading up to this event. Jesus would appear to many of his disciples and continue the lesson plan that he had been giving them before the crucifixion.

Jesus would appear to his disciples often and say Peace be with you. This was a powerful message, because during this time period. The followers of Jesus were living in a state of anxiety for fear of reprisal from their fellow Jews. The Lord was reassuring them that they were safe and that he was with them.

He would ask peter three times if he loved him. Peter answered yes every time. To which the Lord would reply, to feed his sheep. In other words to tend to his flock. The Men and Women of God. He was preparing Peter for his Ministry as one of the twelve. He would instruct the twelve that whatever they bound on Earth, would be bound in Heaven.

The Lord had opened their minds to understand all that was written about him. To how the fullness of time had come for his purpose on Earth to be fulfilled. He would instruct them to go and wait in Jerusalem for the coming of the promise of the Father.

Today we prepare ourselves in Jerusalem. We set our hearts on the mindset of the Holy Spirits' movement upon us. In our minds, which is the Upper Room. We gather and sit at the table, in fellowship. The banquet of the bride has begun. Seeking the presence of the pure and Holy Fire of God. We have been sanctified by the power of life, death, and resurrection. We were buried in his death through Baptism. Then have been resurrected. Our purpose should be to recognize that we have been set free from our own bondage, and our own mistakes. There is nothing we need to do. The work has already been done for us.

Peace be with you, Receive the Holy Spirit. We turn away from those things that no longer serve us. May we be spirit-led, and spirit fed. Through this method, acknowledge that we are sanctified through faith. We were redeemed. There is no shame, no self-judgment, no belittling. We are one with God. Who is our Salvation.

Peace be with you. As we sit in the Upper Room. Anticipation of the birth of the Church. None of us could see that this mighty rushing wind which will draw the attraction of 3,000 people! We rise up and accept the Gifts of the Spirit. We are perfect. Whole, complete in him.

Peace be with you. We are the in him. We are that perfect light. For we are the people of God.

Peace, be with you. Go in Peace Beloved, Amen.

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