The Pews Are Empty

A phenomenon I am witnessing as I visit different Churches. Often there isn't a full Congregational presence. What I mean by this is there are many empty seats. Then on holidays or special events. Those same Churches are packed. In this new millennia. These institutions are going to have to change in order to grow. Even the most liberal place can have it's own form of Religious Dogma. Doctrines that are more to do with control issues, verses celebrating the reason we go to such a place for Worship.

I have read reports that by the year 2050. The amount of White People in the United States will have become a Minority. There will be more and more of a transmutation of the Races. Many will be darker skinned. Some light Brown or Olive skin tones. Change is inevitable. 

To expect people to do Church the same way as has been done in the past. Is counter productive. Any belief grows and sustains itself by incorporating new trends and ways of doing things. Some Churches believe that you shouldn't clap, or shout alleluia, or throw in an Amen. We need to give room for all to Worship in whatever ways makes them feel comfortable with their God.

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