The Journey for finding a new friend

Losing two fur babies, service dogs, and emotional support animals in less than six months' time have been very difficult. I decided to start looking around. However, I am finding that rehoming fees can be quite high and not obtainable with the debt accumulated post apartment fire October Twenty-twenty. 

I am just going to step out in faith that it will happen. I was severely vexed yesterday trying to locate a pup. But even on Craigslist, they want quite a bit of money. This seems to be a new trend. I do not need to be educated on the reasons. I have had no need for another dog for several years as I gave Chewy Bear and Hermes a lot of love over the years. Two was a handful at times.

I have an appointment Wednesday, October Thirteen at One in the afternoon. I am not sure that I will be adopting. It is more of a meet and greets. In the event that one of them is a good fit. I would need some help financially to get there.

Since Hermes passed September Twenty-Eighth. I have been having PTSD, anxiety, depression symptoms. They elevate more each day. My dogs saved my life. I will not be able to sustain living in this big empty apartment by myself without a companion animal.

I checked with the apartment manager to find out if there was anything she required of me. She told me to just go ahead and start the process and find the right dog for me. So I set out to do just that.

If you would like to help there are several ways to do so on my donation page. Thank you for your consideration. - AJ

Hermes and Chewy Bear's story can be found here:

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