The Devotional Lifestyle

Prayer And Study Makes The Journey Easier.

My soul yearns for you in the night, my spirit within me earnestly seeks you.

Isaiah 26:9


I mention in my reflection on forgiveness the story of Christian in the book Pilgrim's Progress. He carries a very heavy burden throughout his life as he seeks the Celestial City. I believe that most men and women of God who have difficulties finding peace. Have not discovered the depths of Prayer, Contemplation, Study of the Sacred Texts and actually listening to God. In the Silence there is tremendous peace. It is where we hear that still small voice that springs up from the belly and speaks to our soul. In the Hebrew language there is a letter, Gimel. It translates to Camel. Camel's can traverse great distances with stored water that feeds them nutrients in the dessert. Giving them the ability to get to their destination as they travel through the wilderness. The letter itself is the significance of motion. Constant flux forward. Movement, across vast distances of land. We do the same thing in Prayer, contemplation, study, and meditation.

The Power Of Relationship With The Divine

Quite often many Men and Women try to overcome their own individual challenges without seeking any direction from God. We can and should consider, taping into the source as a means to locate order and balance. I have noticed within the Churches, that there are some who wade around in the shallow end of the pool. While others are swimming in the deep end of the pool. Both types are still in the water and connected to God. Some just hunger for the deeper depths of the Holy Spirit.

Prayer and the Devotional lifestyle reveals to the individual on a spiritual journey a deeper experience. There are many aspects of the Devotional lifestyle that can be addressed.

  1. Prayer is at the top of the list.
    It is our connection to God. It is similar to picking up the phone and calling a dear friend, or writing an email. But always remember, a conversation is a two-way communication. Speak, then listen to God.
  2. Study Materials - Sacred texts and literature written by many of the Stoics, Prophets, and Teachers that exist today. Can be a great blessing. Go deeper and discover the context of why the literature was written. Golden nuggets of powerful truths.
  3. Fasting - Can be as complicated or as minor as needed to maintain balance and release toxins in the body. Always consult your primary care doctor before venturing into fasting.
  4. Meditation - There are many forms of Meditation. Some wonderful aspects of meditation is simple breathing exercises and imagery. There are deep Christian methods of meditation. It isn’t only reserved for the eastern esoteric practices.

Prayer can consist of many types and facets. One can use verbal prayers such as what I myself am accustomed to. There are also silent prayers, where the person in prayer has used their inner voice to express their individual needs. Prayer is used for ourselves and for the outside world. It helps us to connect with the greater community through the connection of tapping into the source of all life, that source is God. Some prayer with body motions and gestures. For a Jew, the simple act of rocking back and forth translates to "I am in awe of the great things you are about to do." Jews will also rock from side to side, this type of prayer translates to "I am inspired by the amazing things you have done in the past!"

Prayer can be spontaneous spoken words, or something in writing such as the Lord's Prayer or an excerpt from the Book of Psalms. This is considered Liturgy. Another form of Liturgy would be prayers written in a book by an author, or a publication pamphlet by a church for devotional needs. Whatever the method, I encourage you to use the tools that you the individual needs for a deeper communion with the Holy Spirit.

I Die Daily And Am Born Again

A daily course is important. The more you do it the stronger you become. You will find that Spiritual exercises is very similar to going to the gym. The individual with no workout background, often feels intimidated when they first get to the gym. It is full of equipment that they are not familiar with. They often know what the gear looks like, and have some concept of what it is used for. But until they actually begin taking those baby steps. Doing the warm up exercises, and stretching. Getting on the treadmill, or lifting the weights, or jumping on the stair climbers. Over time, it becomes easier and easier to workout. The strength that builds within the individuals core begins to manifest in a body that becomes well toned and stronger. 

This is very similar to a dedicated prayer life. When one first begins a Prayer life. It can be intimidating and kind of scary. The spiritual exercises are a big hurtle to begin. But if one just takes a few minutes to pray each day. They begin to flex those spiritual muscles. The end result is a person who can pray for longer periods of time. They begin to become Spiritually buff. Toned and ready to take on any situation that may come up in the individuals' life.

Fasting doesn't have to be a forty day and forty night course either. It can be done in small increments. Such as fasting from something like sugar or coffee. I myself do what is called partial fasting every day. I do not starve myself. But I limit over abundant intake throughout the day. 

Meditation is a unique thing in and of itself. In many ways it is definitely prayer. But it is also a way to quiet the mind. To settle into a place of peace and tranquility. Like prayer, it to can be a little daunting to begin a meditation lifestyle. 

Another aspect of Prayer is to pray without ceasing. To constantly lift one another up. If you are praying for one another. You can't be enemies, there is no way that your heart space can sustain being bitter. If you have chosen to pray for that person you are having a tough time with in the spirit of love, and forgiveness. Bitterness can not take hold of you.

Pray for the leadership of the world, including your own Presidents, Senators, Representatives, and Judges. That they would have true caring discerning hearts for all. I would also add; to Pray daily for your spiritual leaders that they avoid traps and pitfalls that would hinder their ministry. That they would be spirit led and spirit fed. I recommend praying the same thing for yourselves. That you ask the Holy Spirit to help step aside from the egotistical demands of the flesh. To embrace what God has to say in all matters concerning your life. You will have free will of course. But I have learned that when I listen to that gentle spirit coaxing me. I then have a coachable and teachable spirit. Not only to God, but from my fellow mankind. In her book Food Gates, The Reverend Sue Nilson Kibbey points out that often if someone has reached Spiritual Stagnation. It is probably due to a prayer connection and lifestyle that is severely lacking. She goes onto say that conflux moments can happen should the way of thinking be changed through the powerful giving and receiving that happens during prayer. When we are engaged with the Divine, God gets excited and thoroughly loves interacting with us. Things begin to start moving and it becomes a constant in one's life.

Seek First The Kingdom Of God

I encourage you to dive into the deep end of the Spiritual Pool. Swim around. Flex your spiritual muscles. As a result of my constant prayer life. At all times of the day. I feel a very light presence on the crown of my head. When I slip out of Praying every day. That feeling goes away. I call it the anointing. It is like warm oil being poured over the ancient Levitican Priests heads during the service in the Tabernacle. A warm loving feeling that makes my days much easier to bear.

If you think you are living a lights out prayer life, and are not sensing the presence of God. Know that if you continue and press on daily. You will begin to experience and know a lights on relationship with the almighty constant activity of God.

As always beloved: I love you, I bless you, I appreciate you, and I behold the Christ in you.



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