Tag Snitching & Images on Twitter

There are a number of people on Twitter that understand that I deal with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and Anxiety issues. But often people get rather upset with me when I add to the bottom of a post...

please no @'s, #'s, images in comments. tks

The following are my reasons behind it.

Tag and Hashtag Snitching

This is done when you comment on a persons post. Then add @thepersonbeingtalkedabout or #somethingthathastodowiththem to the comments. It is a common practice and can be very frustrating if you get swarmed. Getting swarmed is what happens when someone that is following that tag or hashtag and decide to troll you. The person commenting basically put a target on your back. 

If you are speaking about an individual without the @ symbol and their account name. That basically means you are offering your opinion on something that individual said or did. When you add their tag name, you are targeting them with your issues. That just isn't how I operate on Twitter.

Images and video content

Back in May-July of Twenty-Nineteen, I was pretty much having really bad panic attacks. The PTSD and Anxiety was ramping up bad. The reason for this was the constant barrage of images that basically say nothing. But happy little posters think they are awesome and fun. For me, it is not fun. It exasperates me terribly. I was so frustrated with the lack of real communication and constant images in comments. I came very close to deleting my account. I had enough...

I discovered that in the Twitter settings one can set their account to data saver mode. What this did for me was stop images from auto loading into my feed, It also stopped video content from auto playing. I was so relieved.

Then over time many were posting images into comments on my posts. I have gotten to the point where quite often, I don't even click the comment. Because that activates the image. I made this mistake recently. When someone decided to post an image covered in blood in my comments. 

You be you, and I'll be me

I am in no way, shape, or form telling people how to do Twitter. But the flip side of that is. I will not allow other's to hurt my Twitter experience. So going forward. I'm no longer going to argue with people over why I really am not into the tag snitching or images as comments thing. I'm just going to block the tag snitchers, and not respond to the comments that don't have text in them, or have text and images. They don't work for me. It just isn't fun. 

Going forward, this is my position for my own mental health's healthy attributes. It isn't open for discussion. I know what works for me. 


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