Shadrack, Meshak, and Abednego

Apartment Fire

On october 1st after having a very long day. I managed to light my apartment on fire. I was exhausted and absent mindedly put a box of leftover food from feeding the homeless camp on the stove. The box must have hit the knob and it turned the burner on.

I left and threw out the food I no longer trusted to the dumpster. Before i got half way back to the elevator. The fire alarm went off. I hurried up the stairs to get my dogs. It was my apartment that was on fire. I called for my dogs. They would not come. I could not see. But felt my way around and found them. Got them out one at a time. Someone was screaming that i needed to get out of there right now. I said i am not coming out until i find my dogs. That person took Hermes and i went back in and found Chewy.

After i got out of the building with Chewy and Hermes. Someone used one leash to tether them together.

The manager and her boyfriend from union corners micro brewery brought me a blanket to wrap up in. I was drenched from the water sprinkler. They were a godsend. They got me something to eat and purchased a large bag of dog food to feed the boys with. I think i have some new friends.

My friend Bri new right away it was me because i was not answering my phone.

Many questions later the fire department estimated 30k in damage. Which is about right.

Red Cross met me at the hotel. They thursday thru sunday night. A friend from one of my churches paid for two more nights.

On friday Pastor Amanda took me  ti farm and fleet. Even my boots were soaked. I needed pants, underwear, belt, socks, razors, dig treats, and shaving cream.

She also picked up a few groceries and dropped them off.

I was able to get in the apartment friday afternoon and get two bags of clothes from the closet. Pastor Amanda picked them up and washed them. I also grabbed my guitar. I couldn't open the case to look. I was to afraid it was toast.

I decided at some point to drive a hundred miles just to try to clear my head.

Sunday morning i discovered that i finally got two nights in a row of restful sleep. Something that has not happened in weeks.

After getting ready for church and takeing care of the pups needs. I went to the park to meditate for an hour.

I went to unity of madison church. Feeling like i needed spiritual food. But found the room to be to difficult to do. So i left and headed over to bashford umc. I had helped them to set up a fm radio transmitter before the fire. Sunday was the first dayf fm broadcast of Bashford service to the drive in church program. I went in and got communion.

I went back to the park for meditation. Then went back to the hotel and tended to my dogs. They are my life i do not know what i would have done had i not rescued them. 

So many have been making contributions in various ways. Thank you.

I do need to replace some gear so i can resume my online programs. Donations to this would help a lot.

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