Sabbatical From Homeless Outreach

White-Wolf Ministries is putting the Homeless Outreach on hold. There were incidents that happened in The Reverend AJ White-Wolf’s life that are currently preventing forward motion.

Reverend AJ will continue to do Spiritual care through the Friday and Monday 8:30 Prayer & Meditation Sessions. Also, by appointment only: Reverend AJ is willing to meet in Zoom room for individual prayer needs or concerns. AJ is available for A/V support for events, to perform in concerts, or as a guest speaker at progressive institutions.

In the book of Luke Chapter 14, the Gospel claims that Jesus spoke about building a tower. That one must put proper planning into it otherwise financial ruin may come. Reverend AJ is in dire need of a sabbatical from the aspects of physical Ministry for the Homeless.  

As of May 21, 2021 There will be no services for Homeless or at risk individuals. 

Some resources you can contact:

  • Call 211
  • Veteran’s can contact their Country Service Rep.
  • Your local Church or religious affiliation.
  • Community Action Coalition in Madison.
  • Wiscares in Madison for your pet needs.
  • Social Justice Center or The Beacon in Madison.


Please do not contact Reverend AJ for various Homeless needs. Reverend AJ had an apartment fire October 1, 2021 after feeding people at the park and going home. The debt for replacing a lot of gear that was lost is currently at around 10k. There are no funds available at this time to distribute until this debt is paid down.

There have been no concerts or public speaking events which has severely limited the income to the program. This decision was not an easy one, but a necessary step toward Reverend AJ’s physical, mental, spiritual, and financial recovery.

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