Prayer & Meditation 7.20.2020

White-Wolf Ministries
Prayer & Meditation Service
Monday July 20, 2020

There were 7 Souls in attendance on Zoom today.

Today's Theme

I am free, I am unlimited

Today's Sacred Text From The Daily Word
1 Peter 1:16

"You shall be holy, for I am holy.”


So happy to be here. To spend this time with you on this beautiful Monday morning.

Dear ones please find a comfortable position. Let your body just relax. Take a deep breath through your nose. Exhale through your mouth. Breathing in all that is, a deep connection. The ever omnipotent omnipresent Holy Spirit and one another. We are one. Releasing all the troubles and worries that no longer serve us. Just allowing God to be God. Just allowing the self to be the self. No expectations, no agendas, just this presence.

Truly we are the light, because God is the light. We are in the image of God.

The sacred text for today from the book of first peter chapter one and verse sixteen. You shall be holy, for I am Holy.

Thank you, God, that we can plug in and recognize and see that we are indeed Holy. People of God. You know our hearts and our minds. Through our connection in prayer and meditation we learn the mind of God. That there is but one presence and one power in my life. God the good.

We light a candle in our heart space. A representation of our prayers. Our oneness with all that is. We lift up the people who are suffering around the world. May they discover divine love. May the revelation the power in divine order come to pass. We pray for those in isolation during these troubled times. You are always present, reveal this mystery to all that suffer. We pray for financial security for both the business and people around the world. We take it a step further. We see the reparations in Asheville North Carolina. May it be a pebble thrown in a pond. With a ripple effect. Go out to other cities, towns, villages, states, yes even the country. May we be a reconciling nation for all people of color. As well as the indigenous tribes of these lands. We seek a nation that works for all, even unto the world.

Take another deep breath in beloved, and release. Take another deep breath and release. This is the key to the lock on the door of meditation. Take in another deep breath and exhale. Now open the door, and step through into your vision of what a beautiful garden looks like. The flowers, maybe a babbling brook. Birds singing in concert. Love flowing through.

I invite you dear ones to discover what is yours to do or not to do in the silence.

(few moments of silent meditation)

If during the day you encounter things that are not so pleasant. I invite you to remember who you are and to be still and know that God is Divine Order in all things.

The theme for today is Freedom. I will say the affirmation once and then I invite you to say it with me. I am free and unlimited. Together, I am free and unlimited. Let that just sink in for a second. I am free and unlimited.

Thank you for your presence this morning. Your commitment to a connection with others. It is my sincere hope that you are gentle with yourself. I encourage you to be a lighthouse to the world. Rather than a storm. Would you pray the blessing with me for yourself and for others. We love you, we bless you, we appreciate you, and we behold the Christ you are.

Go in peace beloved, be well

Grateful - Daniel Nahmod 


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