Ordinary Day – Poetry

ORDINARY DAY - Steve Holmes
(NOV. 2014)
An ordinary day, nothing special
no big events planned, nothing on the calendar
not going anywhere, doing anything.
Resist the temptation to think of it as dull.
Renounce the desire to be entertained.
This is a day you are needed.
to be attentive, to listen deeply,
to give God some loving company,
to extend loving mercy to the world.
Enter the monastery of your life.
Let the whole day be prayer and praise,
a meditation on the presence of God.
Let every ordinary thing you do,
The meeting, lunch, and the dishes,
be an act of devotion, of becoming light.
Let this day be holy, a gift from God,
And be deeply present to every bit.
Thank God that this grace is the usual thing.

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