Mom And Pop Shops

My core values of what makes a Nation great is based on what I consider to be the most important aspect of Business in our Communities. The Mom & Pop Shops are getting squeezed out. Gigabyte Industry like Amazon, and Mega Box Stores like Walmart have driven many Independent Operating Businesses out into next to non existence for availability.

Please consider adding Mom and Pop shops that you know of in the comments. I will review them and add them to the mix if they meet my criteria.

  1. El Sabor de Puebla

    Independently owned Mexican Food Restaurant. The decor isn't over the top. Very basic. But the food is amazing and you leave very satisfied. This Mom & Pop shop does not even have a website! but they are constantly busy during the lunch and dinner hours. I highly recommend waiting until the East High School Lunch hour is over. They get so busy that you have to wait to pay your bill!

    El Sabor de Puebla
    305 N 4th St, Madison, WI 53704
    Tel: 608 422 5264
  2. Mother Fools Coffee House

    The owners of this eclectic local coffee house have done a really great job with this space. They have made it a wonderful staple on the Williamson Street Area. The have a lot of great vegan treats and provide various events in their establishment. 

    Mother Fools Coffee House
    1101 Williamson Street, Madison, WI
    Tel: 608 259-1301
  3. Quality hardware Co Inc.

    This is an incredible store. The staff goes out of their way to make sure you are not wondering around trying to find something specific. It is rare that you can't locate someone to help you obtain the items you need for your project. 

    They are Third Generation Ownership. The current family leadership continues the legacy of service to its community. 

    Quality Hardware Co Inc

    1201 South Park Street Madison, WI 53715
    Tel: 608-256-8106
    Fax: 608-256-1539

  4. Soul Mama Says
    Soul Mama's stuff is both for children and adults. But don't get them mixed up! Some are not suitable for kids! ha! Her collection is funny and serious. check it out here. 

    It is an Estore on Etsy

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