Gypsy Girl – Poetry

So why don't you sit back and let me tell you about this gypsy friend of mine.

She got a million dollar smile
She got a million dollar smile
Her eyes shine like the diamonds in the night
She look at you and she will wonder why

Gypsy Girl she goes walking down the road.

All the boys like to turn their head
When she walk away
She's so pretty, she's so fine
She's the kind of girl I would climb up the mountain with
When we go out for a walk at night
She know how to make me feel alright.

Watch her walk, so proper and pretty
She sure walk like a woman you know

She'll point out the flowers in the middle of the city
Walk right up to you and make you smell them
She will walk by the river just down the way
Take off all her clothes on a summers day.

If your feeling grumpy and you're frustrated too
She'll look at you and say
Hey man, I remember you!

My oh my Gypsy Girl

I feel like I've known ya for a really long time
I feel like I've known ya for a really long time!

My sister, how I love you
My sister, I'm always thinking of you!

She's the water in the ocean
She's the warm sand
She's the sun in the sky
She's the moon on the flip side
She's the reason that the clouds, roll on by

Oh and she's the reason it rains too
I ain't telling you no lie.

Gypsy Girl, Gypsy Girl

You know when she leaves the room man
It's like the sun just set on the horizon

Oh look she didn't go nowhere
she coming back just like the moon!

Written By AJ White-Wolf 1998
Copyright Laws Apply

Document Created April 10, 2022

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