God Is Good!

Because of this Covid Pandemic. I have been unable to promote myself for Concerts and Speaking Gigs. In twenty-twenty, I have only had one spot as a guest speaker at a local church. I have one other one coming up on August Twenty-Third. I have been running a deficit of between Fifty and Two Hundred Dollars per month. Which has snowballed into a lot of debt. Basically paying off debt with Credit Cards. Prior to Covid, I had anticipated working at least a couple of times a month to help cover expenditures.

I had been praying a bit about this. That there was a need for financial security. Then let it sit on the prayer table.

This pandemic has impacted a lot of people. Including churches, who have been suffering in decline prior to the stay at home orders. A colleague of mine at a local church’s job was in jeopardy. All indications from him was that his position was being cut from twenty hours down to ten. Which he would not have been able to live on.

Sue Nelson Kibbey wrote a book called Flood Gates. In it she talks about praying for the removal of log jams withing the church. Back in the day this modern paradigm was called quenching the Spirit. She impressed upon me that some in the church do not pray for outcomes. But make corporate decisions without the council of God. I felt that this was happening at that Church.

They had a meeting last night. My friend was going to suggest a severance package as he would not be able to continue in his role on ten hours a week. I prayed for more than this before and during the meeting. I prayed that the log jams would be removed and that the flood gates would be opened so that those in that churches leadership could locate funds that they may not have even been aware of.

I do not know the details of the meeting, nor do I feel the need to know. What I do know is, the meeting shifted from cutting my friend, to maintaining his current position with the hours he has been working all along. This my friends was an answer to prayer!

God is very interested in people praying for the needs of others. Often, one will find the blessings in their own lives as a result of it. This situation was no exception. I had posted about my financial situation on twitter. I often wear what I’m dealing with on my sleeve. Within a half hour of being done with that prayer session for my friends financial needs. To God be the glory! I was blessed with five hundred dollars in donations through my website! This is about one third of the credit card debt I had accumulated paying off bills. It sparked a deeper desire in me to do more and to pray more than I already am.

Peace be with you and know that the Holy Spirit cares deeply for the sparrow. How much more so does God care for you! An individual who is the image of God! Bless up.

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