I see many people becoming increasingly anxious regarding this pandemic. Their anxiety becomes rage fueled by the process of their fears. Many feel hopeless and feel like we are doomed. I lived through the outbreak of the HIV/AIDS pandemic. It was a terrible time, my gay brothers were dying left and right and there is now a large gap in the number of gay men around my age. It is a constant sadness for me that so many did not make it through the HIV/AIDS outbreak.
When I first started hearing of HIV positive individuals coming back with test results of HIV Positive Undetectable (HIV+U). I was quite blown away by this. Never in my life did I think they could come up with a course of treatment for people living with HIV. But while it took a while they have come up with a treatment for HIV infection and also reduces the risk of HIV infection. It’s not a cure, but today I know many men who live as HIV undetectable. You can't tell these men have HIV because they are very healthy and often vibrant from the medication combinations that they are taking. HIV+U cannot transmit the virus onto their sexual partners, This is confirmed with the CDC
I researched for two years before going on Truvada for PrEP in November 2015. I learned from my studies that there are no known cases of HIV infection for anyone who takes the preventative medication daily according to directions. Like all medications, education is key to understanding the variables. Education is key to understanding the variables. Here are details with the CDC on Truvada for PrEP.
The point I am trying to make is that eventually the Scientific and Medical Communities were able to come up with plans for treating the HIV/AIDS epidemic. Fast forward, concerning the current pandemic of Covid-19 eventually there will be a vaccine as well as treatment course to help people prevent infection and aid those infected. 
We should be taking steps to limit the impact of any disease. The research is going to take time. It may even take longer to come up with a vaccine than the spread of the disease taking place. That isn't the issue here. We as a community absolutely must practice the current trends for Social Distancing of maintaining a distance of at least six feet from one another. Maybe even greater than six feet is prudent. Six feet is around the length of two shopping carts. 
All of us must be responsible, doing our part to keep each other healthy by using methods of good hygiene at all times. I sing the Happy Birthday song two times as I scrub my hands and wrists. When in public, I wash my hands as often as possible. Whether I’m visiting my church, stopping in at the coffee house, or getting some lunch, I wash my hands before and after each visit. I change clothes after each outing; my laundry rarely sits more than a few days.

I carry a bottle of hand sanitizer around with me and use it often. There is also a bottle in the car, and on my kitchen counter.

I refuse to live in fear. Don't grab the most recent crazy ideas floating around the internet to treat Covid-19. Wait for solid peer reviewed research to come to the surface and follow the CDC guidelines. I am very grateful to have a Doctor who lets me know when there is not enough research for a medication that I suggest to him as a course of treatment for my own individual ailments. 
I highly recommend a mindful meditation or prayer life inclusive of Divine Love. What I mean by this is simple, we don't meditate or pray to have a Santa Claus type God reach down and keep us safe. That just isn't how Divine Love works. What we can do though is pray about our fears, meditate on a more peaceful existence which will lead us to a calmer presence towards  germs and diseases that may come into our lives.
My best advice in this situation. Live your life the most positive way that you can! Breathe in this moment, exhale the days worries. Repeat as many times as necessary! For any and all viruses prevention is the silver bullet. Whether you have a cold, the flu or think you may have been exposed to Coronavirus - please stay home. It will not only do you good, it will ensure that our community stays healthy. You can always join each other online.
Some good reasons to stay at home when you're sick:
  1. To avoid making others sick
    • By going to church meetings or other community events when you are sick, you increase the risk of spreading illness to those around you.
  2. To stop the spread of illness
    • By leaving home the people you come into contact with may be affected by your illness.
  3. To recover properly
    • You could exacerbate your health problems and it takes longer to recover.
    • Staying home and resting gives you the best chance of recovery.

Newest Guidelines

  1. When in public spaces maintain a distance of at least six feet apart, or more.
  2. Wear masks, handkerchiefs or tactical face masks in public spaces.
  3. Wear protective gloves in public.

Be smart about this, but don't live in fear. 

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