Changing Twitter Habits

There is this massive throttle on Twitter, it is called Deboosting. It basically holds you back on your reach and your responses to others. Including when other's respond to you. This nonsense is anti-networking on Social Media Platforms. It is not just limited to Twitter, this process happens on other sites too. Twitter is just being a copy cat in the method employed.

Going Forward

My posts will become a bit shorter and less frequent than I have in the past. I am learning that, often there is some type of restriction taking place on the platforms. My solution will be to become more interactive with my own website and posting links to my thoughts and ideas.

Twitter limits in how many characters you can post. It is true that they doubled the character limit and made it easier to put more text in a post. But quite often the posts themselves are still limited as to giving the ability to paint an entire picture. I am not a fan of five to thirty consecutive thread posts by Twitter Authors. I consider that method to be kind of amateurish. One should implement a blog if they have that much to say. Quite often when they keep adding to a thread, several of the posts get lost in the Twitter Ether and you have to attempt to decipher the missing components.

Tag And Hashtag Snitching

Another frustration of mine is Tag and Hashtag Snitching. This is a very annoying problem on the Twitter Sphere. I am convinced that this issue is around Ninety Percent of the cause for Deboosting. Quite often I will post something and someone will tag another person in, or add a hashtag in. If i wanted those people or topics added to my post. Their tag, or hashtag would have been included. It is a very big frustration that you can't deny a comment on a post. That would solve a lot of the problems. Your only option really is to block the individual. Something I do not enjoy doing. But often must in order to protect my account from getting swarmed by crazy Twitter Trolls or Deboosted.

Tag Snitching is done when the person commenting decides to Target the individual they feel should be included in the conversation. Quite often it turns a discussion about something or someone, into targeted harassment. Technically speaking, this is a violation of the Terms Of Service. 

Hashtag Snitching is done when some Twitter user decides to add one to ten hashtags to your post. Often having little to do with the actual topic. This is because of a severe disconnection from critical thinking skills. So many only operate on Twitter with what are called Automated Thoughts. Their brain is on Auto Pilot, and just commenting on their interpretation of something without properly processing the original posters content.

Frequency Of Posts

Since most of my posts have been deemed Political. That is a major cause of the Deboosting in my humble opinion. I am going to post less and less about my opinions on Politics. Anyone that knows me is aware that I am a very Liberal Progressive Individual. 

For the sake of my own mental health and protecting my account. I will be shifting more to blogging, writing articles, and live streaming. Hopefully this will cut down on this draconian position that Twitter has done against my account, and so many others.

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