Now may the Lord of peace himself give you peace at all times in all ways. The Lord be with all of you.

2 Thessalonians 3:16

Being present to life is accepting Divine order in all things. Knowing when to put your best foot forward for ourselves and humanity is a powerful blessing. Listening to the Spirit of God when moved upon us. Can provide amazing results for everyone concerned. By being present to life, we can live in a place of serenity and calm. 

The Sacred Texts implore us to allow ourselves to find our spiritual renewal daily. To locate our own individual daily anchor is important and a path that seasoned men and women of God seek on their own. We each have our own individual ministries. Regardless if ordained or laymen. Regardless, it is a commitment to being of service to the community.

My focus has been for many years now has been to be a person that continuously looks for an opportunity to perform the mitzvah. A Jewish Concept of being of service to others. While the literal translation of mitzvah is a command, I prefer the translation of being a connection to God by doing a good or praiseworthy deed for another human being.

An important aspect of my own Ministry is to look for ways to repair the world. I believe it isn’t the colossal things that heals people. It is the little things. Such as the simple act of holding a door open for the person behind you, then going through the door after them. 

I am constantly in a prayer without ceasing modality. What I mean by this is that even in conversations with other humans. In the back of my mind through years of self-discipline. I am in prayer. I have learned that it is a powerful thing to remain connected to God’s will and plan for my life. Then I in turn, am able to minister to others. It is my way of stepping back from my ego and letting God work through me.

We can change the world if we choose to. How? By being present in the moment and following through when opportunities arise. Many years ago when I was in my wheelchair, I was sitting outside a coffee house weaving one of my peace baskets and basking in the warm rays of the Sun. My focus and meditation is always to send vibes of peace while performing the action of making the baskets. I was always "weaving" peace. A man in his mid-thirties was walking really fast past me, huffing, he looked angry. You could just feel that he was having a terrible day. That still small voice spoke to me from my belly. To love this person, a fellow human being who was tormented by something that had happened on his journey. I stomped my foot and said “Hey” he stopped, and with a bitter tone said “What?” I then pointed up at the sun and said: “Look that beautiful Sun is shining!” He paused and slowly his angry face melted into a sense of peace and calm. Then he walked at a leisurely pace away from me. I thought it was done. I thanked God for telling me what to do. Several minutes went by, then I heard a car horn, I looked up and saw a car driving away with an arm extended out the driver's side window pointing up at the sun. So yes, we can change the world by reaching out to one person at a time.

That man could have chosen to not accept my love that day. The issue isn’t to focus on what someone might do with your expression of peace, the focus is and always should be to practice peace. If it doesn’t affect an individual directly, it very well could transfer to someone else, who in turn might have an impact on the very person who originally shunned your kindness.

I recommend a daily practice, if possible two times a day. Where you just sit in the silence. Quieting the mind and locating a connection with the river of life. Divine Love and Divine order is our refuge from life’s storms. We can choose every day. Do we want to be a lighthouse for ourselves and others? Or do we want to allow ourselves to get caught up in the storms of life and become the rage that comes with them? I myself choose to locate a place of peace, relaxation, and joy.

A Daily commitment to study is another important practice and discipline for continuous spiritual momentum. In her book Flood Gates, The Reverend Sue Nilson Kibbey speaks about a soccer ball analogy. If you kick it only once. It will only move a few feet. But continuing to practice and tapping the ball, moves it further and further across the playing field. Until eventually you get it to its destination. Spiritual Momentum is an action sequence. It must be a constant motion in our lives. Reverend Kibbey goes onto say “God is ceaselessly looking for apertures in your life’s preoccupations in order to enter and connect your spirit with the miraculous, transforming activity of the Holy Spirit.” All we have to do is show up every day, with a commitment to a daily practice and ritual of prayer, contemplation, meditation and study.

God is our Rest, our Relaxation and Renewal. The Holy Spirit is ever faithful and will strengthen us. It is by the power of the Holy Spirit that we are able to accomplish great things. If ever any of us struggle wondering if God is with us, know that God is there and that we can connect and embrace God’s love at all times. This is truly the mystery of Faith. Hence, be never weary in service to God, it is a good measure and the blessings are ever present in our lives. Look for opportunities to serve other human beings. For it is in those moments we may be unaware that we are serving Angelic beings. 

In all we do, do as though in service to God, not to each other. That is where the blessings come from, and where they return. If any of us are lacking in faith. We should pray to God to increase our faith. To build our spiritual abilities and to reveal spiritual discernment to us. When we do these things. We obtain the peace and understanding of God. We should pray without ceasing for one another, not just during times of mayhem and calamity. But when times are good, we should lift one another up in prayer. This in itself is a powerful Mitzvah. A blessing in service to God and our community.



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