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Prosperity Affirmations


  • Key To Abundance
    I am surrounded by wealth, and I accept prosperity in my life

Gift Affirmations


  • This day is a perfect gift
    I am grateful for the ability to love, this is powerful medicine

Spirit Of God Affirmations

Spirit Of God

  • Spirit Hears Me
    I am grateful for the ability to communicate with the Divine

Love Affirmations

Love Affirmations

  • Love Is Everything
    I shall live my life as the expression of love
  • Truth Of Our Being
    God is love, I am surrounded by that love
  • Connection
    I am connected to Divine Love, I am healed, whole, and healthy
  • Love Is The Answer
    I am love, today I choose to be patient and kind.

Light Affirmations

Light Affirmations

  • Light Of The World
    This perfect peace, is in me, and it heals the world.

Motivation Affirmations


  • We Make It Happen
    I Am Powerful And Effective.

Strength Affirmations


  • Be Strong
    Be Strong And Of Good Courage
  • We Are Powerful And Strong
    I can do anything, God is Strong, therefore so am I

Change Affirmations


  • Sing A New Song
    "My feet are set upon a rock, my footsteps are firm"

Community Affirmations


  • I choose to be love, and to project love for all creatures, big and small

Rest Affirmations


  • I allow and accept for myself abundance, rest, and restoration.

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