8:30 Prayer & Meditation Service 5.3.2020

8:30 Prayer & Meditation Service May 3, 2020



Today's Host and Facilitator
The Reverend Ari-John White-Wolf

There were Ten People in attendance in the Zoom Room today.

Song During Prayer Segment:
Let There Be Peace On Earth - The Boys Choir Of Harlem

Meditation Song:
Native American Canyon Flute Music for Meditation - Sam Ashford

Tikkun Olam (Repair The World) - Written by Ari-John White-Wolf

Closing Song:
Peace Song - Sara Womack


Good morning Beloved, Welcome to our 8:30 Prayer & Meditation Service. My name is The Reverend Ari-John White-Wolf, and I will be your facilitator this morning. 

Let us together enter into a state of deep spiritual awareness. Together in this virtual circle, we are one. Let us find a comfortable position, Relaxing the Neck, and Shoulders, Letting the belly relax. With our feet firmly on the floor.  Feel the Earth drawing out from us any frustrations or anxieties that we may have. Breathing in this moment, and exhaling the day, breathing in this moment of peace, and exhaling the week. Releasing all that we have been holding onto. Just relaxing into the Peace of God. This is our oneness with God, and each other. So breathe in again beloved and release. 

I invite you to bring into your conscious awareness the prayer intentions you are holding onto for yourself or for others, and the prayer intentions you are holding for any particular situation or circumstance.

As you bring these prayer intentions into your conscious awareness, we affirm the highest and the best for everyone concerned.

You may also wish to light a candle in your heart space to represent your prayer intentions so that we can hold that image in our collective thoughts and prayers to affirm the highest and the best for everyone concerned.

In your Heart right now, see Peace in your living space, Surrounding you; let it begin with you. This peace is like the warm rays of the beautiful Sun, gently warming your body, mind, and soul. Let that glowing peace extend out to your neighborhood. Visualize this peace over your entire city. Now see that peace expanding over your entire state. I ask you again to let that peace go further, enveloping the entire Nation. Now visualize this Peace radiating around the entire World, we are all at peace. 

This concludes our prayer time. Know that the God on the Mountain, is also very much so, God in the Valley. That during our times of great sorrow, and Joy. The Love of God flows through us and in us. We are one with all that is, and so it is. Know that wherever we are, God is. All is well within our Souls. We can choose Peace in these moments.

We now begin our time of meditation. So I ask you again to focus on the breath. To allow the breath of life to fill your body, and release any residual energies you may be holding onto. Let go beloved, and let God. Know that during this time of Meditation if you feel yourself slipping from a state of peace. You can return to that peace simply by focusing on your breath, breathing in, and breathing out. Letting those distractions dissolve from your mind, body, and spirit.

As we shift our focus toward our own time of meditation, let us affirm "Peace be Still as we speak to ourselves" Be at peace in these moments of silence.

I now invite you to discover what is yours to do, in the silence.

This concludes our time of Meditation. 

The theme for today from the Daily Word “World Peace” I would like to share this closing affirmation with you. I will say it once and then you can repeat it with me. "I contribute to peace in the world.." together. "I contribute to peace in the world."

Sweet Holy Spirit we visualize a world where Peace is present. We visualize a world where good preventative medicine becomes a reality, and that good medicine for the treatment of illness comes to pass. We impress upon the world leaders to seek the wisdom and counsel of your divine light. To not rely on their ego, but to seek direction and discernment. We Hold a sense of peace on our lands, those that might be feeling anxious about things. Would calm down and relax. Let patience and wisdom prevail among the people o god. amen.

Thank you for your presence this morning. I am truly grateful to have served you today. Know that we are in divine order. That all is indeed, well within our souls. I encourage you to be gentle with yourself, as well as with other human beings.

I love you, I bless you, I appreciate you, and I behold the Christ in you!




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