8:30 Prayer & Meditation Service 4.19.2020

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Text Transcript:

Gong Plays

Good morning beloved, welcome to our Sunday 8:30 Prayer and Meditation Service.

My name is The Reverend Ari-John White-Wolf and I will be your facilitator this morning.

Please find a comfortable position, sitting relaxed with your feet on the floor. Let your shoulders and neck relax. Breathing in this moment and exhaling the day. Breathing in this moment and letting go of any anxiety, fear or trepidations you may have and holding onto. Inhaling the power of the loving Divine, The Holy Spirit. Let God, be God. As we again release any residual energies that may be holding us back from our true self, and the center of our Being. 

Please know that within this Sacred Space, this Virtual Space that we have created; we are all extensions of one another. We are at peace, we are enveloped with the love of God. The Christ nature within us radiating out to the rest of the World and back again to us. Hear me with a listening heart, You... Spiritual Being. For you and God, and the Universe, and all that is; are one. 

I invite you to bring into your conscious awareness the Prayer intentions you are holding for yourself, or for others; and the Prayer intentions your are holding onto for any particular situation or circumstance. As you bring these Prayer intentions into your conscious awareness, we affirm the highest and best for everyone concerned. I invite you to light a Candle in your heart space to represent your Prayer intentions. So that we can hold that image in our collective thoughts and Prayers. To affirm the highest and the best for everyone concerned. 

Truly we are the Light of the World. I invite you to let that light within your Solar Plexus to radiate from a soft yellow glow, out beyond your body. Let it go beyond your living space. Let that warm Divine Light bring Peace to your Neighborhood and beyond. Like a warm cozy Blanket over the entire city. Let it heal and restore our County with Peace. Let that Peace grow beyond and cover the entire State of Wisconsin. Even further covering the whole Nation with Peace. Now let that warm Divine Love grow until it covers the entire World. All the Continents, and the Seas. 

May the Leaders of the World: Both the Nations, and the Spiritual Communities provide direction through the Spirit of Love. Let those in research find good Medicine. A strong preventative Medicine, and treatments that will heal those that are infected. We also hold those on the front lines in that perfect and Holy Light. That they would be strong and of tremendous courage with the ability to return soon to their families. Together we see a vision and we know in our hearts, that all is well, and so it is. 

We now begin our time of Meditation and as we enter into that time of collective consciousness together, I invite you to find what is yours to do. To align yourself with the center. To allow your true self to nourish your innermost being. To be gentle with yourself and others. Releasing the mind from judgement and embracing forgiveness for ourselves, and for others. So that together, we can truly repair the World. 

If during this time of Meditation you find yourself slipping out of a peaceful state of being. Know that you can return to that heart space. By quieting your mind through the focus of your breath. Just breath in and release whatever it is that is affecting you. I now invite you into that peace, a place with God and all that is; with a gentle breath, we let God in and let God exist from the depths of our being.

We now shift our time of Meditation. Let us affirm in our hearts; Peace be still and know that I am God. Be at Peace beloved in these moments. I invite you to find what is yours to do in the silence.

(Followed by a few minutes of silence)

This concludes our time of Meditation. Please know that we are wondrously made of infinite Love. That Divine Life renews our every Cell in our Bodies. 

The theme from today's Daily Word is understanding. I would like to share this closing Affirmation with you, I will say it once and then I invite you to repeat it with me. 

"I open Myself to Spiritual understanding" 
Please repeat with me
"I open Myself to Spiritual understanding"

I pray for the Leadership of our Spiritual Communities, that they would remain strong and of good courage. That they would be beacons of Light during these troubled times that we live in. That those whose fear is fueling their anger and frustrations, would find Peace and Tranquility. That a sense of calm would come over all things around the World. That our Nation would become well and whole. That Prosperity would happen again soon. That those afflicted would become well. That families that have lost their dear loved ones would find a sense of peace. That you O God would be with all of us around the World during these trying times that we live in. Thank you God, Thank you God, Thank you God - Amen. 

I encourage you to be present to life, to let love flow. To allow yourselves a time of rest and to know when to become active again. 

This concludes our Sunday Morning 8:30 Prayer & Meditation Service. 

Love is with me, I am love
Peace is with me, I am peace
Joy is with me, I am Joy
Home is with me, I am Home

Dear ones: I love you, I bless you, I appreciate you, and I behold

Namaste (Praying hands motion, and then open palms giving this gift to those watching) 

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