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February 23, 2022
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Greetings, I hope that today you are walking in peace and nonviolent communication!

“Diversity is not about how we differ. Diversity is about embracing one another’s uniqueness.”
Ola Joseph

The End Of Winter

As we near the end of winter and discover the newness of spring. I look forward to warmer days and enjoyable temperatures. Soon, the snow will melt and the trees will begin to bud. Reminding us that it is a good time for renewal. 

I have studied quite a bit of black history throughout the month of February. How I wish that our brothers and sisters of negro descent would have never had to suffer such terrible things in our history. It vexes me that there are still to this day incident of such horrible tragedies.

For my part, I continue to do my best to look into the eyes of every human being and see them. I have noticed that many look away when you do this. I truly believe that we as humans should leave the street cred rule behind. Actually, look at one another and see the other person for who they are.

I truly hope that you are in a good place and whole in good health, Namaste - Reverend AJ

Hutch Update

The image I posted at the top of this newsletter is not Hutch. But it does speak to me.

Hutch has been such a huge blessing in my life. Those baby brown eyes are so trusting of me and he looks at me in constant anticipation of what we are about to do next. The mutual empathy has been growing much deeper. Yesterday, my dear friend Ellen came over to drop some stuff off and I could hear a little pup howling as I walked all the way down the hall to the elevator. He really does not like to be separated from me and lets me know. A neighbor loaned me a puppy harness. It has made it much easier to control him on our walks. I am trying to break him from jumping at people. He just wants to be with everyone I talk to so bad. Puppies jump up on people because they are trying to get close to their faces. Which is a very important aspect of dog communication. By the way, he loves these beef sticks that I buy for him in the pet food section at Farm and Fleet.

Black History Month

This week we continue with the fourth part of Black History Month. Last week we covered two important women in the historical record. Sister Rosetta Tharpe, Maya Angelou. This week I write a little bit about the Tulsa Massacre of 1921 and the Olympic Ceremony of 1968. This is the conclusion of the series. All four weeks are listed in the document from the first installment to the last.

African American History


I had been trying to remove my personal information on data mining sites for quite some time. One site removed my information and around six months later the information was back. I have since discovered OneRep and I have to say that I am quite pleased with their ability to remove my information from sites. I had discovered that many of these sites have had information from the last thirty years. Various locations that I have lived and a lot of very old phone numbers that I have used in the past. The cost is around $15.00 a month and they run a check once a month. Then send notice to offending sites to remove you. So far they have removed my information from 59 sites. 

You can run your name initially and get results on how many sites have your information. Then you can choose to have a subscription with them or not. The initial search is free because they wish to demonstrate just how many sites have your personal information listed on them.

I have noticed a large decrease in spam calls too. I am not sure if this is connected but it sure seems like it.


Song Of The Day

Eddie Watkins Jr. is one of my top favorites for musical talent. His song The Garden speaks to me in a deep way.

"The Garden" by Eddie Watkins Jr.

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