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February 02, 2022
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Greetings, This is part one of a four-part series during Black History Month

“You're looking at the face of a black man who hates nobody.”
― Martin Luther King Sr.

Learning So Many Things

I have continued to study various people and events that have to do with Black History Month.

I am amazed at the resilient nature of people whose forebearers went through tremendous hardships. The descendants of the American Slavery institutions are both a heart-wrenching story and one of empowerment. To this day there is a very real struggle. A struggle for true freedom. We long for society as the late Dr. Martin Luther King Jr has said of little white and black boys walking hand in hand. One where there is no reprisal for being kind to one another. Where we truly love one another and see each other.

We live in a very disconnected and disassociated culture. People are interacting less and less. Much of that was due to the recent pandemic that we entered and continue to navigate. But The internet seems to have created greater distance among humans. We absolutely must relearn and readapt to looking into one another's eyes and seeing the other person. 

I have hope that we can continue to rise above racial disparities and embrace a culture that works for all of our people.

Black History Month

There will be four installments over the coming weeks. Part I and II are ready for your visit.

African American History

Song Of The Day

 Wade in the water was another song that had codes hidden in the meaning. It was said that Moses, Harriet Tubman would sing this song to get the escaped slaves on the Underground Railroad to hide in the water from the slave-hunting posses. 

"Wade In The Water" by Cynthia Liggins Thomas

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