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February 02, 2022
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Greetings, This is part one of a four-part series during Black History Month

"It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men."

Frederick Douglass

Allies and Community

I have been seeing the word Ally a lot lately. But it seems to me that it is more important to look people right in their eyes to let them know that we see them. That they are important, and that they bring things to the table that can be shared. We must be open and understanding of one another. It seems to me, it is important to be more than just an Ally. But to be a person who recognizes our fellow man who is brothers and sisters. Regardless of the color of their skin, The nature of their sexuality, or what sex they are. This in my opinion is the fullness of One Love.

I have decided to write a series of shorts during Black History Month. I will be adding more each week to the document. 

One of the highlights from the document covers the coded messages in spirituals that the slaves knew. Moses was a conductor on the Underground Railroad. Her name was Harriet Tubman. She would sing Swing Low Sweet Chariot to let the slaves know it was time. That she was sweeping through the south, on the chariot the Underground Railroad to take them to their new home in the north.

Black History Month

There will be four installments over the coming weeks.

African American History

Song Of The Day


"Swing Low Sweet Chariot" by Etta James

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