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January 19, 2022
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Greetings, free your mind and the rest will follow!

"Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that."
Martin Luther King, Jr.

In Word And Deed

In life, I try to do my best to be a light to the world. Recently I was called upon to be there for two small boys. They are really special souls. Their Mother needed to go to the hospital for something not related to covid. I was way out of my element here. I am not used to being with a five and six-year-old. They had so much energy. After I picked up mom from the hospital and got them home. I got home to my apartment and dropped from staying so focused for a few hours. 

I truly believe that we must take care of our community. Sometimes we must step up and do what is necessary to be a light to the world. This was part of that process for me. I hope that as these two mature into strong black men. So that they in turn will do for others what is nessessary.

We are getting close to February and it is black history month. I have decided that I am going to revisit the book White Freedom by Tyler Stovall. I also have ordered a couple of books. Rainbow in the Cloud by Maya Angelou, and Strength to Love by Martin Luther King. I order exclusively from eBay. I feel it helps the mom-and-pop shops in the United States. I left Amazon several years ago, I felt that they are a very greedy company.

Hutch is amazing at four months old. He is now caught up on all of his vaccinations and will not need anymore for a year. His training is going well and he is really shining bright. I am grateful that he has not had any bad experiences and does well with me. Hermes and Chewy were a lot of work because I had to constantly work on undoing really bad training that they had received prior to coming to me.

I am grateful that my care payments will be done in May. Then I can use those funds to pay off the debt I built up trying to replace things lost in the apartment fire in 2020. Things still on my wish list are Bath Towels, Area Rugs, blankets, cutlery set, pots, and pans. There are tech items I am hoping for too. I hope to get a stand-alone midi keyboard mixer, and voice loopers for performances.

I continue on with the work doing what I feel led to do for that day. 

I hope that you are in good health and that you do your best to be a light to the world in word and deed - Reverend AJ


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