The Power Of Now

When A puppy has discovered that the secret to catching the ball, Is keeping his eyes on the ball. He is living in the moment and experiencing life to its fullest potential. This my friends is the power of now. The ability to allow the past to sit at rest, releasing all that comes with that. As well as not worrying about the future. The dog doesn't worry if the ball will get thrown again. The dog is living in the power of now.

In my younger days, I could get pretty worked up. Constantly living with worry, fear, and regret. It was not a very healthy relationship with myself. I was doing my best to live up to the expectations of others. Rather than what was deep inside of me. That part of me really needed to express its authentic true self. But was not allowed to due to family unit traditions.

The past is good for further processing of why you exhibit certain behaviors. But I have learned it is good to modify my behavior based on that information versus allowing the past to drag me into melancholy.
It took me a very long time to discover why alcohol is a turn-off for me in relationships. It is rooted in the toxic massive mood swing home environment that I had grown up in. I still avoid individuals who are inebriated, as generally speaking the situation is far too volatile for my ability to communicate.
Living in the future is a little taxing on the mind too. It forces you to have anxiety issues because of deadlines and appointments. When you get to get to the position of the power of now. It catalogs future events for further use. But it does not dwell on the events themselves. This allows for an easier day and a mental health tune-up.
Living like that 8-month-old puppy can be an amazing journey. By discovering the moment, something that makes you happy. Locating tremendous joy in the heart space. Being at peace with oneself, at play with the universe. Laughing hysterically on the inside because you just can't contain the love you feel for this moment. That my friends is the power of dogs, medicine to the people. Dog Medicine is unconditional love in the power of now.
No valid plans for the future can be made by those who have no capacity for living now.
Alan Watts
It is ok to grieve or miss someone or something. But attachment to the point of dragging one down the rabbit hole of depression is not healthy at all. One must go through the various stages of grief for sure. But finding the other side of it should always be the lesson learned.
A very basic exercise, sit with your face to the sun. Close your eyes. Now feel all the characteristics of this moment. The warmth of the rays basking on your face. Finding your way to peace. A word of caution with the power of now though. Don't stay there. Make plans or else you will get sunburned! The power of now is best spent not sticking to one particular groove or thing. But discovering your way on your journey to more enjoyable moments.
I like the power of now method in my daily meditations too. I allow what I am feeling to come to pass and focus on whatever bubbles up at the moment. It speaks volumes to me at times. Other moments in time, not much at all. t is all good and relevant. 
The other day I was entering the grocery store. Off to the side outside the entrance. A plant cart. The fragrance captivated me so much that I had to investigate where that was coming from. It was pure bliss. This is another example of the power of now. Just allowing whatever will happen to come to pass.
A couple of years ago when I was working as AV Tech Person for a local Church. Someone in a higher-up position decided to rearrange the seating. To try something different. When one of the members of the congregation showed up. That individual was so mad, seating were the usual Sunday perch was not an option. I replied to her anger, Yeah but without change, you can't add it up for a dollar. She didn't get it. She was too fixated on what was, rather than picking a new spot to sit. I recommend it when you go to Church, or a club, restaurant, or cafe. Try sitting in a different location than where you normally would sit. It may change your perspective a little.
While we are at it, say hello to a complete stranger. Sit with someone you wouldn't normally sit with. explore who that individual is and why they truly matter. You will be amazed at what you walk away with.
Oh and by the way let out a belly laugh once in a while too. That also is the power of now. 

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