The Breath In Meditation

The Breath In Meditation

I have been experimenting with the breath for many years as part of my daily practice. In mindful meditation, I have discovered that it is a grounding force that allows us to just connect with all that is. It happens in such a way as to align the body, mind, and spirit in a most perfect vibration. Once I had mentioned the vibration to someone and he looked at me like I was a lunatic. I realized at that time that some spiritual people have no idea what is available to them for their own personal toolbox.


In the Hebrew language, there is a letter that intrigues me. It is the Gimel that translates to Camel. Its shape is an interesting one It reminds me of the passage from the nose down into the throat, with the mouth leading to the same area. The belly where the seat of the soul is said to exist.

It is said that the Gimel represents charity. That it precedes the Hebrew Daleth which represents a poor person. One longing for more. The balance of Gimel giving to Daleth implements Tzedek. Which is righteousness. When we are gentle with ourselves with the breath, we in turn feed the poor physical being who hungers for more sustenance. This brings balance to us and provides clarity and vision. The Gimel can also be seen as the Camel who carries us across the barren wilderness and across the river Jordan into the promised land of milk and honey.

Mindful Meditation For Overcoming Monkey Mind

When done properly in a daily ritual of meditation. The Breath can produce greater clarity and the ability to focus on things. It can increase productivity. Twenty years ago I was terribly ill. I had spent nine months in bed once upon a time. Then after that, I was wheelchair dependent for many years. I could barely carry myself in those days. I developed a meditation practice and part of that practice was using the breathing techniques for grounding and regeneration. Yes, I still suffer physically, but I have to be honest here. I feel like because of mindful meditation and the use of breathing yoga practices. I have dialed back the clock and look considerably younger than I did twenty years ago.

A very simple technique. Lightly allow your tongue to rest just behind your lower teeth. Take in a deep breath through your nose. Feel your chest and belly grow as you inhale the natural course of the breath. Release that breath slowly through your mouth with your mouth slightly open. Not too wide, and not too tight either. But release the breath in such a way that it lightly vibrates your lips. That is when you know that you have hit the sweet spot in mindful meditation.

When in meditation there is no goal with the breath, it just is. It is a natural rhythm that can help balance you in tremendous ways. When we are loaded with fear and anxiety. We hold our breath in and our chest becomes tight. That is counterproductive toward healthy living and connecting with yourself. A skilled archer does not hold their breath to release the arrow to hit the target. Nor do they breathe loosely while taking aim. If they did they would never hit the bullseye. What they do is take in a deep breath, then release the breath ever so gently. Then slightly holding it and releasing the Arrow. The same principle applies to shooting pool in a game at your local pub. It is a universal concept that can be applied to many of life's activities.

Sometimes when in meditation and doing the breathing techniques an unpleasant image or circumstances may appear in the mind. I submit that It is the practice of mindful meditation through the breath that is revealing things.  These are things that may need to be worked on or released as something that no longer serves you.

When doing the breathing exercises it is important to relax. To slowly feel the belly rise as the lungs fill with air. The release allows us to let go of our fears, anxieties, trepidations. Just to exist in the moment and to let go of everything it took to get to that place. the breath is the key to replenishing the nervous system, the body, the mind. It is the breath that opens the door to the spirit. 

When we experience fear and anxiety, we feel a tightness in our chest. It is because we are holding our breath. The controlled practice of breathing techniques can help to overcome many anxieties and fears.

I encourage you to discover the breathing techniques involved with a mindful meditation practice. If anything you read on this topic gets too heady, it isn't the right lesson plan for you. It should be the most simple truth that you read about. There is nothing terribly complicated about this. It just is and that is all.

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