Prayer & Meditation 4.02.2020

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Friday April 02, 2020
Volume One, Session Seventy-Two

Background Meditation Music

Easy Keys - Pete Calgaro

Opening Quote

"Our favorite attitude should be gratitude" - Zig Ziglars

Today's Sacred Text

Joshua 1:9

Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be frightened and do not be dismayed. For the lord your God is with you forever and wherever you go.

Today's Theme

Strength and Courage


Wherever I go, God is with me. I am renewed and restored.

Closing Quote

"Have trust sit tight it's all going to be alright." - Rabbi Binyomin Scheiman


Prayer & Meditation

Good morning beloved. welcome to White-Wolf Ministries Prayer & Meditation Service.

May Grace, Peace, and Good Health be yours in Abundance.

Our favorite attitude should be gratitude - Zig Ziglar

Please find a comfortable position. whatever it is that gets you where you need to be. in that special silent place. 

Peace be still and know I am God.

breath in through your nose. and exhale through your mouth. 

this is how we find our center, the core of our being. that which is perfect. that which is holy on this Good Friday. I am so glad to be with you. know that while we are in this place. everything is accomplished and released. the sacred text is from the book of Joshua chapter one and verse nine. have i not commanded you? be strong and courageous. do not be frightened and do not be dismayed. for the lord your god is with you forever and wherever you go. what an amazing thing. that wherever we go. we can have courage because we know God is with us so beloved I invite you to be open and present. just receive the awesome activity of God. 

for we do know in our hearts, that there is but one presence and one power in my life. God the good.

this morning we light a candle in our heart space. a representation of everything that we may or may not be dealing with. spirit has a way you see of gently reminding us of things. if something comes up during prayer and meditation. recognize it for what it is. part of that word release, is acceptance. so, we accept ourselves this morning in this place.

so many people around the world who suffer. I pray sweet spirit, that you would make their shoulders a little bit wider. provide greater abundance in their lives. thank you God for all that is. that we just can tap into this wonderful presence. help us to be gentle with ourselves so that we may indeed be gentle with others. i forgive myself for any infractions i have done in my lifetime. I ask for forgiveness of anyone. great or small, who I may have hurt in my lifetime. I pray that the healing would begin.

recently o God, a city in Indiana. possibly in Illinois, i believe it may have been Illinois, passed a law for reparations to the African American community. let that continue to ripple out across this great nation O God. even beyond to the rest of the world. we hold all of the tribes across these lands. may we give them reparations. help them to heal, and to rise up. beloved I invite you. to discover what is yours to do in the silence.

(ten minutes of silence)

not to long ago, I had an apartment fire. the question was posted to twitter this week by a stranger. your place is on fire. what do you save? I replied that's easy, for it happened to me. I rescued my dogs. everything else was replaceable and I am ok. so are my two beautiful fur babies. today we are in a new place, a new beginning. prayer and meditation 2.0. I have been wanting to get with you for a long time. I am holding you in my arms. may you feel the light of god as it surrounds us. here is the key to calamity. You can't plow straight lines looking back. you have to keep your hands on the plow and hold on.

Have trust sit tight it's all going to be alright. Rabbi Binyomin Scheiman

the theme for today beloved. strength and courage. I will say the affirmation once and I invite you to repeat it with me. Wherever I go God is with me. I am renewed and restored. together; Wherever I go, God is with me. I am renewed and restored.

Thank you for your sweet presence this morning. it truly is an honor to serve you and to be here with you today. I ask that you be gentle with yourself so that you can be gentle with others. as always my mantra. be a lighthouse to the world rather than a storm. it is so easy. it is easier to be the lighthouse or the storm. it is entirely up to you and I.

I invite you to pray the blessing with me for yourself and for the entire world. we love you, we bless you ,we appreciate you, and we behold the Christ you are.

Hold On - Vondie Curtis-Hall


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