P.R. October/November 2019


Guest Speaker and Performing a song
November 10, 2019: Speaking and Performing at Bashford United Methodist Church, 329 North Street, Madison WI USA 53704. In both the 8:45 and 10:30 Services. Table in the foyer for collecting items for the homeless and donations. He will be Speaking about some of his struggles with being homeless and his Military service. Then will be honoring Veteran's and family of Veteran's with a performance piece, an original song he wrote for Veterans "Tribute"

Winter Clothing Drive
November 3, and 10 at Unity of Madison Church 601 Tompkins Drive Madison WI USA. Table in the Foyer. 10am U.S. CDT.

November 8, 2019 at Carbon Apartments Community Room. 2418 Winnebago Street, Madison WI USA. 6:00-7:00 PM U.S. CDT.

AJ White-Wolf a Marine Corps Veteran with Service Connected Disability Issues. Has dealt with Homelessness Off and On his entire life. The most recent was for around five years. He has interacted with people up close and personal who deal with the Homeless Issue. He has been in stable housing now at Carbon Apartments for One Year.

Because of his homeless recidivism. He became passionate and heavy burdened and decided to do what he can to make a difference. He retired from lead a/v technical services at his church. So that he could trade in his skill set for his calling. To try and make a difference for the homeless. He spoke at Unity Of Madison Church on July 21st, 2019 about this passionate need for others.

His program is focused first on the lower tier of Maslov's hierarchy of needs. It is a Grassroots effort that he hopes to eventually establish as a Non Profit. He will be Performing and Speaking in both Secular venues and Religious places.

AJ White-Wolf is Available for Interviews

Contact AJ White-Wolf 608.886-4770 or aj@ajwhitewolf.com

Thank You For Your Consideration