Inner Child – Poetry

If you're feeling down and have a broken soul
If you're childhood carries a heavy load
If everything didn't seem so right
You may want to take a long flight away, its okay

Skyscrapers filling up the sky
Jet fighters going on a fly by
People on the internet asking why

I wonder if they could, celebrate life for a while

Thirty years later, I feel just a little bit older
Thirty years later, I find that the little boy
Sitting in the church pew trying to be the best that he can

I think I turned out to be just a little bit better
I think I turned out to be just a little bit okay

Prideful man, he slipped just before the fall
Prideful man, was laying broken all bloody and bruised
Prideful man, heard a little voice deep down speak up and say

You got to get up on your feet you know you got to move
To do just a little, feel just a little, be just a little bit better.

You're life, a never ending story
In a never ending book
Once in a while it's time to move on

You need to close a chapter, start a new one
Then begin a new day dawn.

Written By AJ White-Wolf 1995
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