Wolf Howl October 2019

Winter is coming in fast. The leaves in our area have not really changed color yet. I am guessing over the next two weeks there will be a dramatic change in that. 

I am doing very well emotionally, spiritually, and physically. Yes, I still deal with variables of my physical and mental health. The levels of pain are substantially less. Someone mentioned to me the other day that my face had more color. That is remarkable. She told me when she first met me that she could visibility see how much the pain was taking on my body. I continue on a course for better health. using both physicians, doctors, and the clergy as well. 

The Homeless Crisis

I am deeply troubled and concerned for those who are Homeless and At Risk of losing Housing. The Madison Wisconsin area is very expensive to live and it isn’t going to get better. It is only going to get worse from here.

This problem is not limited to my geography either. We are living in a modern version of the Feudal Lord System. It is breaking the backs of our people quite literally. Many must maintain multiple jobs to implement gainful monetary means. I hear of many an individual who is working between Fifty and Eighty Hours a week. It is the only way they can maintain their housing. Often There are people living in cars and vehicles but have two jobs and just cannot afford a decent safe place to live.

I am convinced that Thirty Percent of an Income for rent, should include the cost of utilities too. This is what is putting people deeper into debt. They just cannot stay up with the Gas and Electric Bill, The cost for this utility service is higher than ever. Most of these services are showing record profits. Leaving people in deeper poverty. The rates for Internet access is over inflated too. Then the final thorn, the cost of staying connected with a phone. Most of these services are showing record profits. Leaving people with more deficit than income or ability to save finances for their future. 

Collections Of Items For The Homeless

I have been collecting items for the people on the streets. This is something that I can do in the here and now. Yes, my long term goal is to help people rise up off the streets into secure save affordable housing. But the hierarchy of needs is very high when you are on the streets. I know from my own personal experience. That at times it can be even more expensive living that way than in your own dwelling. 

I will be setting up in real time locations for collecting things for people. The preference is definitely new items. However, gently used items can be a blessing too. My position on that is simple. A person feels more validated as a human being when they receive a gift that is new. It sends a very strong message that that person is very important and deserves better than what they are dealing with. 

It dawned on me the other day that down the road maybe creative people would be interested in sewing the many things that I’m looking to help others with. 

Items needed: Hats, Scarves, Gloves, Mittens, Jackets, Socks, Thermals, Hoodies, Feminine Products, blankets, and sleeping bags. All are a good start. I will also be looking for pre paid cards to take people to the gas station, or maybe help them get work shoes or work pants.

I will be at Unity Of Madison Church on October 27, 2019 to be a part of the announcements for these needs. Then the following Sunday November 3, 2019: I will be at a table before and after service to collect these items. Spirit willing my credit card reader will work on my tablet too. Those that did not have an opportunity to collect the items on the list. May donate with a Credit Card or a check to Ari-John White-Wolf. 

If you have a Secular or Religious location and would like me to set up a table or event for collecting items for the homeless. Please reach out to me! It would be greatly appreciated.

If you would like to help this program in any capacity. Be it through being a volunteer, purchasing items for those in need, or financial support. You can contact me on this page.

Madison Surgery Center

Today is October 8, 2019. I am a little bit nervous. My procedure is in Two Hours from now. They will be using an x-ray and ultra sound machine to give me an injection. We are hoping that it will relieve the swelling of the Piriformis Muscle. It is pinching off my Sciatic Nerve. The numbness and pain that this causes in my left leg. Has been a constant pain since around Nineteen Eighty Three. 

The procedure itself took about Ten Minutes. My ride got me home. I ended up passing out and sleeping most of the afternoon. Probably from being up and awake so early in the day. When I woke up. The Injection site was a bit painful. The usual pain had seemed to subside dramatically. It was difficult to tell though as they had numbed the area quite a bit.

The following morning I woke up with next to no pain in my leg. Normally this is a constant pain and struggle. Quite amazing that they are able to do that. I have many other injuries and painful stuff going on that generally are not as noticeable due to that intense leg pain. Going forward I will be seeing if my shoulders and neck can be addressed next.

This gives me a lot of hope. Thinking I need some type of sitting cushion for when I am at my desk or driving in the car. Both situations seem to aggravate that muscle a bit. I am seeing my Physical Therapist Friday the 11th. We will discuss it then. 

This left leg pain has been a radiating misery since Nineteen Eighty Three. The Injection from the anesthetic hurt like crazy. But it didn’t last long. So it was tolerable.

The pain in my leg has diminished substantially. I am walking better and it really does not have the radiating pain that I had been used to. It is amazing that this has gone from really high on the pain scale to very low numbers.

Upcoming Performance And Speaking Event

I will be Guest Speaker and performing on November 10, 2019 at Bashford United Methodist Church. An all inclusive church in Madison, Wisconsin USA. I will be giving a sermon consisting of my own testimony from aspects of my life. I wish to celebrate veterans in this process as well and will be performing a song called Tribute during the Offering. 

I believe there will be a table where people can bring in winter clothing items for the homeless. One can find previous mentioned items for direction on what to bring to services.

They have two services 8:45 and 10:30 AM.

Details are here

Why Am I Not Registered As Non Profit?

Currently the work is strictly a grass roots effort to get things in the hands of those that need items the most. At some point I hope to be established as a Non Profit. But that is a very long term goal that is unobtainable at the moment. The lack of funds and volunteers prevents this from happening. My understanding to be a legal Non Profit, you must have a board of directors. I am one guy doing the work. So that is more of a dream verses a reality. If I am wrong on this feel free to email me at aj@ajwhitewolf.com and give me the tools necessary to take this to a higher level.

The Current Debt And Needs For This Program

The total for all of the items listed above comes to $6,356.00

Details for this debt can be found here.

This part of the Wolf Howl is purely for the sake of transparency.


I am committed to continuing on with this mission of helping other’s. It is needed very much. We live in times where it seems like there is so much pain and suffering. I hope to help others by shining a little bit of my own light from my lighthouse for those struggling in their rough waters.

Recently I discovered that John Wesley, The founder of the Methodist Movement. Had a Sermon where he implored everyone to make as much money as you can, so that you can give away as much as you can. He truly lived by this example. When he died, there was not enough funding in his estate to cover the burial expenses. His friends had gathered enough to satisfy this need. What an incredible human being.

I hope that you are well. That your dreams and aspirations are obtainable. That all you touch, does prosper and produce good things for you. 

Be Well
AJ White-Wolf