Wolf Howl November 2019

Winter definitely came early this year. I am a little bit concerned for those that are on the streets without affordable housing. These dropping temps make for a longer harder and colder winter for so many. 

Guest Speaker And Performances

I am very open to visiting both religious and secular institutions to perform and tell my story. It is my sincere desire to take funds raised from such events to put toward the homeless issue. It is a serious issue that really needs to be addressed by many different angles. I hope to put a little bit more awareness on it. As a Man of God, I truly believe it is a calling of all Religious people’s to lessen the burdens of those suffering. To help the homeless find security. To adopt the orphaned and give them love. To lift up the Widower in their loneliness. These are the principles that I feel are more important than any worship hall experience. 

If you have a location for me to perform or speak. Please email, or call me and let me know! My Contact Page

Letters of Recommendation

I am looking for Letters of Recommendation from people that have interacted with me over the years. This will help me to obtain future performances and speaking gigs. 

The content can be based on my level of trust or integrity, abilities to perform and speak. My understanding of sacred texts too. as well, as my passion for those who suffer through no fault of their own.

If you have worked with me in any capacity. Please consider a letter based on that interaction. I have someone currently writing one for me, the more I have… the better the outcome. 

I would prefer it in hard copy. so that I can transcribe it onto a specific page on my web site. Thank you for this consideration.

What’s In A Title

I am Ordained through the American Fellowship Church. But more than anything I wish to make sure that people understand that I am not a Seminary or Religious School graduate. So anyone not comfortable calling me Reverend. I am more than ok with that. I am a Lay Minister who has taken the time for decades to study many sacred texts and commentaries. My only purpose in getting the official title is so that I can operate at different times in areas that the office demands. However, if a Church doesn’t recognize that title because of their protocols. I am not going to let that be a stumbling block. My work is far to important for that. 

I am willing at some point to further study and receive ordination from a particular Church.

Winter Clothing Drive

When I had started this push for clothing. I was purchasing things out of pocket and it was leaving me without much funds at the end of the day. So I am very grateful to Unity Of Madison Church for running a three Sunday clothing drive. 

The Maslow Dilemma

In Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. There is a pyramid. At the very bottom “rung” of this ladder. Basic needs. Food, clothing. etc etc. I am doing what I can to serve people on this level. 

I can’t thank the people of Unity of Madison Church enough for making the clothing drive a huge success. because of the help That I have received. I have been able to go out and help others. We all must shine the light from our lighthouse in our own special ways. Thank you for your kindness and your ability to give for those less fortunate.

Took Care Of Around Twenty-Five Homeless

In Madison there are many ways for people to get help. There are many programs that do wonderful work. Consider for a minute, that some in Madison have fears and trepidation’s. Those individuals fall through the cracks of the programs available. These are the ones I tend to Minister to.

On Friday November Eighth. I was at the warm water therapy pool. In the locker room I had mentioned to a “believer” that my mission was for the homeless. That I was a lay minister without walls. He shot back with “The Homeless Need Jesus.” 

In my humble opinion that is doctrine, not love. It has nothing to do with Jesus Math. Mankind is really good at trying to pigeon other’s into their comfortable little box of what is needed. I would rather love these people as Jesus would have. Rather than condemn them in Sin. It isn’t my job. I am an Evangelist for Love. That is all.

On Saturday November Nine, I went to a local community free meal. I got my food. Had a seat and ate. Assessing how many that were present might really be suffering. Winter came a month early this year.

I Spoke to the facilitator of the program, handed him my card. Told him that he can call me and I will try to find any clothing homeless may need. I told him at the moment I had many cold weather items in the car and was willing to hand them out. He wanted me to bring them in and leave them on a table. I told him i was more comfortable just giving them out to people from my car. He made an announcement and introduced me. I spoke in English what was available. He followed up in Español.

Around Twenty-Five people flooded the parking lot. I would say that half of my supplies disappeared pretty fast. So many people, without appropriate clothing. Men, Women, a teenager. Many of them could not speak more than one or two words of English. I still loved them with my eyes. I felt a huge wave of gratitude from them.

After this incident. I was sweating. it was very cold outside. Then when I got home. A Jewish Man who I follow on Twitter said “an act of kindness can warm up the world.” I totally got what he was saying. Thank you Spirit for leading me.

I Was Guest Speaker At Bashford UMC

I am grateful to Pastor Amanda, and Deacon Kory for inviting me to be the Guest Speaker at Bashford United Methodist Church in Madison, WI USA. 

Pastor Amanda asked me to give my testimony and tell my story. so I did. Tying it into the very Sacred Texts that have kept me safe and strong even in my darkest night of the soul.

The Sacred Texts used were Zechariah 9:12 and Romans 5:1-5

I had written a document with help that is located here.

I gave a talk in both the 8:45 and the 10:30 Services. The 10:30 links contains the talk and a song that I wrote for Veterans, it is called Tribute. It was an amazing experience for me. I was able to walk in truth and allow Spirit to work through me. I know that many were touched deeply.

I demonstrated with my own life in service to my country. Then aspects of life after Military Services that was still being effected. Showing how my Faith has kept me strong. Even when things were not good at all.

Before, and after service there were many clothing donations at a table that was set up specifically for me. These People of Bashford United Methodist Church are definitely Men and Women of God.

Clothing Drive at Carbon Apartments

Some had donated to this event too. I am very grateful to those who recognize this huge need. Winter came pretty early. as I write this addition on November 12th, it is a real feel outside of -9 degrees. 

Things That Are Still Needed

The Homeless population has a continuous need. I am very low on gloves again. I have very few unisex winter jackets too. Thermals are a good thing to add to the collection. Backpacks, and underwear is another item many homeless ask for. Please consider helping. You can continue to support this endeavor by Contacting Me

The Wheel

Some have raised concern with me that I may be re-creating the wheel. That is not my focus here. I am not here to fix anyone, only to connect them with resources that already exist. That said, often there just are not enough services available to fit the needs of the overwhelming homeless issue.

Thanksgiving Weekend

On Friday, I hit the Beacon Day Shelter on East Washington Avenue. I served a number of people that had nothing. They were intensely amazed that a complete stranger would pull into the parking lot and ask if they needed things. Then started pulling those items out of the car to hand out. After words, I let them all know how much I loved them. They pretty much insisted that I hug them. I gave them all the love they don’t usually encounter. The streets are a harsh thing. 

It is Saturday morning, I am going to be heading out in a little while. Will probably hit the Beacon again and the Catholic Multi Cultural Center. There is a Homeless Veteran named Charles that I have been trying to find for a while now. I also hope to run into a teenage boy that I met there a few weeks ago, he didn’t have a nice winter Jacket. I have one for him now. 

Two Houses For Lifting Other People Up

My next goal is to raise funds for both a Men’s House and a Women’s House. Last New Year’s Eve, An Army Veteran whose name was Vance Perry. Froze to death in a parking ramp in downtown Madison after being released from the V.A. Hospital in the middle of the night. I hope to name the Men’s house after him. The local media did not cover this story and i’m fumed about it. I had to discover it in a Georgia publication online.

Here is that story: Veteran Freezes In Madison Wisconsin USA

Health And Wellness

I am still continuing with my Physical Therapy, working with my doctor and the pain clinic to get more pain under control. I was placed on a drug where the amounts taken need to be increased gradually. My insurance didn’t cover this. Took a hit for $42.00. The Medicine is called Naltrexone. I just doubled the dose last Friday. The only side effect that I have noticed so far is the very vivid dreams. They said that would happen and it is why they build it up slowly. Pain Clinic told me that they had been seeing really good results for Fibromyalgia pain. As many of you know. This is from the reaction to the Smallpox vaccine in 1982, given to me in the USMC.

I will be going in for another procedure on Tuesday November 10th. The pain in my left side has been dramatically reduced. I wish to further pursue it and get it more under control if possible. So… They will be injecting another muscle with the same treatment to try and get the injuries to loosen up. They had been knotted up for over thirty-five years. 

My Human Worries And Concerns

I became very frustrated with this recent wheel tax addition by the City of Madison to the yearly WI DMV Registration fees. Dane County already has a wheel tax in place too. The total costs yearly will now come to around $155.00 a year to drive. That is not fair to those of us who struggle to pay the bills. 

I have been really barely getting by with less than $100.00 a month after all the bills are paid off. I have no idea how I can afford the yearly driving fee’s

In my worry and concern, I started looking around for other options. This was around November 15, 2019. I had found a small acre of woods for $250.00 a month. I came very close to abandoning my apartment. Because if I did. I would be saving almost $1,000.00 a month. After meditating and thinking about it a few days. I finally came to the conclusion that living in the woods in my camper would be a serious step back. I want to move forward. So I have discarded the idea of moving to those woods just outside of Sun Prairie. 

One thing you will find about me if you don’t already know. I am not afraid to share my very human nature. 

Monthly Costs

I have broken down both the administrative aspects and the costs of living for things such as my apartment. I wrote it up in my blog with the post Costs Directly and Indirectly