Wish List

Below are some of the items I have an end goal of purchasing.

I wish to take this ministry into the real time world. with a very portable studio. My small camper that is in storage can easily be converted. 

  1. FM Radio transmitter 
    with one of these I will be able to set up in a parking lot and provide a signal to the radio in cars.https://www.ebay.com/itm/193619558785
  2. 8 Channel Audio Mixer
    To set up various inputs to the FM Transmitter, as well as livestream from locations with wifi or ethernethttps://www.ebay.com/itm/363014041953
  3. High End gamer laptop
    would help me with production and livestreaming events tremendously
  4. DJ Mp3 Deck
    I have a desire to hold Cosmic Church services with uplifting music that reaches the young people. traditional methods are not working for them. Roland DJ mixer
  5. wifi 1080p camera's, plust two more Zoom camcorders. I currently have one with two payments left of 78.00
  6. Debt
    Have not worked much this year due to covid. been using cards to pay off bills. 
  7. Vehicle Loan
    still owe $3500.00

Long term goal: Scamp 16 foot camper for two, 8K to 15K

Once bills have been paid off, I can then focus on income toward helping people get off the streets. currently that isn't possible with the debt. 

If you would like to sponsor an item, let me know.

Every little bit helps and donations can be done here with several methods available.

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