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The Elevation Hour

The elevation hour consists of Twenty-Eight Minutes of DJ Music. Followed by two minutes of silence. Followed by the half hour Prayer & Meditation Session. The program is currently held on Monday and Friday.

The Zoom Room is open at 7:55 AM U.S. Central Time
The YouTube Channel Live is Open at 7:59:58
Please consider signing into your Google/YouTube account so we know who is present.
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Order Of Service

8:00 - 8:28 Meditation Drive DJ: The Mystic Ninja
8:28 - 8:30 Moment Of Silence
8:30 - 8:38 Prayer & Meditation
8:38 - 8:52 Silent Meditation
8:52 - 9:00 Prayer & Meditation

Topic: WWM Prayer & Meditation Text Details
Day Of Week: Monday - Friday
Time: 08:30 AM Central Time (US and Canada)
Zoom Room opens at 7:55