Prayer & Meditation Format Changes

Prayer & Meditation Service has been an evolution of sorts. It has been an honor to serve the community with this program. I started out as facilitator once a month at Unity Of Madison Church in Madison, Wisconsin USA.

Then early 2020 we discovered that it was best to shut the Church doors and do all things virtually for a while. With the go ahead from The Reverend Evin Wilkins. I implemented a zoom room prayer & Meditation Service. It was once a week on Sundays. But it became evident that people were hungry for more. So we implemented a three services per week.

The Reverend Evin Wilkins approached me recently and expressed that White-Wolf Ministries should adopt the Prayer & Meditation Services. Thereby taking the helm and continuing on with the program. The Reverend Evin has given me full blessing and looks forward to seeing what we do with this outstanding program.

In the past we have played a song during the Prayer portion of service. This was used so that people in real time would have a moment to fill out Prayer Requests and perhaps light a Prayer Candle. Since we no longer meet in a physical space. I have removed that aspect.

During other portions of service. We have been using a paid YouTube account to play songs used for Meditation, and Closing Song. White-Wolf Ministries is currently working on simplifying the Service. Helping us all to go deeper in God through Prayer & Meditation.

Over time, I will be purchasing organic musical instrument, chimes, and bells. I will work on obtaining a keyboard and synth system. Then the next phase is to get several mp3 decks to play my own versions of Prayer and Meditation Music. This allows me to use music that is copyright only by me.

The keyboard music that we currently are using is by Unity Of Madison’s Lead Musician, The beloved Pete Calgaro.

Thank you for supporting this program!
Much love to you - AJ White-Wolf

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