Needing A Space For Operations

I am in need of a space for White-Wolf Ministries operations.

I have a camper that I wish to convert for on site services. so that I can pull up to the parks with things for the homeless.

Problem is I live in an apartment and I am unable to park the camper here. I am very reluctant to park it on the street to avoid getting tickets and people vandalizing it. two churches I work with are reluctant to provide the space needed. I understand that and hold no animosity against them. 

What I need is a physical location, possibly with a garage that I can park this camper in. One with electricity would be super awesome. I would even consider a small house that I could live out of and have the main area as the Ministries working area.

Short term would be to rent a space, long term would be to actually have a building to work from that is owned and operated by White-Wolf Ministries. I estimate between 400 thousand and one million for a decent facility. Will be doing creative fundraising soon. 

This week I am starting the seed to establish this program as a non-profit.

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