Homeless Camp Needs

I can't tell you how frustrating it has been, knowing that there were homeless people out there. But because of the pandemic. Things became extremely limiting. You see I still had in my possession many items that were collected from the various clothing drives I held last fall for the homeless.

I was on track for quite a while helping people out on a weekly basis. Then stay at home and quarantine orders hit us. We were in the middle of the worst pandemic since the early nineteen hundreds.


I stumbled on a clip on the news about sanctioned parks in Madison for Homeless people. I recognized one of the images for the rolling hills in the green space. I went there the next day to check it out on my way to get my annual flu shot at Wingra Clinic. That was Thursday, September 10, 2020

After I received my flu shot. I drove straight home. Opened up my storage locker and grabbed every box and bin I had been holding onto to help these people.

These people have very little and are merely in survival mode.

I had brought a sleeping bag and a bedroll for one person. 

I came back and found Nicolas and and William a Deaf friend. I invited them to come to my car and get stuff they need. They were so happy to find all kinds of clothing items they really could use.

I met a Marine Corps Veteran, Cory. He is from Milwaukee Wisconsin. He spent his life savings in order to bury his mother. She passed away from COVID-19. Cory was able to find a lot of items for him to be warm with too. He got a nice blanket too.

Chloe and Brian were able to get some clothes and blankets too. Brain needs shoes, he is walking around with a pair of Crocs on.

On Friday, I went to the grocery store and spent a lot of money on fresh fruits and some snack foods. Baby wipes and bottled water. Went back to the camp and distributed these items to many at the homeless camp. I took Cory to boost mobile so that he could put thirty dollars onto his phone to keep it activated before they cut it off. When you are homeless the phone is your lifeline.

It was raining both Thursday and Friday. Those souls were getting pretty wet out there.
I went back again on Saturday to distribute more items. I must admit I’m almost out of everything that I was well stocked with.

I checked in with Chloe and Brian, asked them if I could pray for them. They both wanted jobs. We prayed together. Brian finished with a prayer, he seemed focused on sin. I let him know after that the work already had been done for him and that he is forgiven.

I gave more cases of cases of water out. As well as hygiene items, and lotions.

I discovered that Cherokee, Chris, and Malik had a tarp stolen I could tell that they were very distressed by the absence of the tarp over their tent to keep them dry during the rain. It was raining off and on all day Saturday too.

I ran to farm and fleet and picked up a tarp for them. I also picked up a box of fifty disposable masks and zip lock sandwich bags. I sanitized my hands. Then put three masks at a time in the sandwich bags and zipped them up. I purchased some candy bars too for them. I stopped back at my apartment after purchasing these items and picked up my big bail of rope. Just in case they needed it to tie down the tarp. When I got back to the park I distributed the items I purchased to the needy.

There are so many needs at that camp.

  • Tarps, Tarps, and more tarps
  • Tents, tents and more tents (many of them are damaged and not very protective)
  • Small Generators
  • Mr Heater Propane Heaters
  • Shoes for Brian, I will need to take him to the store to find a pair that fits him. he is size 13 Wide.
  • another gentleman needs size 10, also need size 12 Wide for Cory. 
  • Cherokee, Chris, and Malik need an adapter for their propane heater. So that they can use the larger tanks rather than the smaller disposable canisters.
  • Chris expressed a need for pants. 
  • I need men's size pants 30, 32, 34, 36 and 40. all should be long. they can roll up the cuffs if to long.
  • I had requests for 30 day bus passes too.
  • They are in dire need of charcoal for the grill, lighter fluid, and grill lighters.
  • Solar Power inverter, and trickle down switch that shuts off from the solar panels when the batteries are fully charged.

I am sure that there were many other things that happened over the course of the last few days. But this is the best I can recall at this time.

If you would like to donate to help cover some of the costs involved with the purchases that I have made, or to help get more items. Please let me know. over the last few days I have spent well over two-hundred dollars on these souls. I purchased said items on my Credit Card. The needs of the many outweighed the needs of the few.

I will not be doing the annual clothing drive this year in person, it will be done electronically through our donations page. If you require a snail mail address for a check to send. Let AJ know.

I am looking for Volunteers for White-Wolf Ministries. A handful of Ghost Writers for the site would be awesome.

If you are in the Madison area. I could use the help of boots on the ground volunteers for this very valuable ministry. Religious background isn't necessary. White-Wolf Ministries is not here to preach at the homeless. Only to serve. If any volunteer puts the religious dogma onto any of these souls. I will drop them as volunteers. They have enough to deal with.

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