In these current times we live in. I being an extrovert have noticed a real struggle not to allow myself to be depressed. In the spirit of recognizing what the Beatles recommended All you need is love, and Bette Midler's You got to have friends. I am offering a few different methods for staying connected.


I am offering different Zoom options:

  • Joys and Concerns
    • Hosted on Zoom
    • You will get to give testimony to the good things in your life, or a situation that you wish to celebrate.
    • You can voice anything that may be troubling you.We as a group will then Meditate and Prayer about these various things discussed by those present.
    • Should you desire to do a "private" prayer request, this can be done directly to me via the zoom chat feature. The Host will omit personal information and just turn it into a general prayer for your needs.
    • This Group is for anyone who wishes to participate.
    • It will be followed up with Meditation and Prayer.
    • Every Sunday at 12:30 PM & 6:30 PM
  • Coffee,  Tea or Me Clutch (Secular Non-Religious Event)
    • Hosted on Zoom 
    • A time of fellowship for those participating in the event.
      This is not a bar time social hour. sobriety is encouraged.
    • This Group is for anyone that wishes to participate.
    • Every Saturday 10-12 am U.S. CDT
  • Friday Fellowship (Unity of Madison Church)
    • Hosted on Zoom
    • All are welcome to this event, You do not have to be a Unity Member to attend.
    • This is our new virtual meeting space to replace meeting at coffee houses!
    • This is a reoccurring event every Friday at 10 am U.S. CDT.
  • Interfaith Fellowship
    • Hosted on Zoom
    • All are welcome to this event, there are no religious requirements.
    • Monday Evenings at 6 pm
  • Sunday 8:30 Morning Prayer And Meditation Service
    • Hosted on Zoom 
    • Holding Sacred space, adaptation of Unity of Madison Church's 8:30 Meditation Service.
    • Every Sunday at 8:30 am U.S. CDT
  • On The Fly
    • Hosted on Periscope (Twitter's Livestream App)
    • AJ White-Wolf Periscope (Twitter) feed
    • Very much like old school MTV before it went off the rails and stopped playing music video
    • Independent Artists from around the globe.
    • Video Jock AJ White-Wolf
  • One To One Support
    • Hosted on Zoom 
    • Perhaps you need some one on one support.
      • Particularly for Unity of Madison or Bashford UMC Members.

The wonderful thing about Zoom, you do not need to sign up on zoom, to be invited to the Joy's and Concerns program, or the Coffee, Tea or Me Clutch. if you fill out the form at the bottom of this page. You will be added to specific mailing lists for email. You will be sent a link with a code to enter the meeting!

The above meetings are Family friendly and Suitable for work. So Keep it Clean! Also, You do not need to have to be on video camera if you choose not to. But you do have the option to be on video cam to show us your beautiful face! You will be able to call in with a phone in option in addition to the Video conferencing. I believe this is interactive with smart phones and tablets too, there is a Zoom Application that you can download for ios and android phones and tablets.

On Youtube:

The Channel for White-Wolf Ministries is: YouTube

  • I will am putting together a daily meditation and prayer program.
Concerts Online
  • This will be done on a pay per view channel. It will be livestreamed.
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Ways to subscribe to Programs and features

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