Combat Army Veteran Housing Issues

I have an Army Combat Veteran with dementia issues. He is in his Twenties. 

He had been living in the Tent City at the park and he is dropping a lot of weight. 

We had a COVID-19 scare and put him in a hotel for the night. but those tests have come back negative and the funds that cover that temporary housing means he has to leave the quarantine hotel.

He is terrified of going back onto the streets and is in desperate need of being put into temporary hotel/motel situation, and of course a more permanent stable housing situation so that we can get him balanced on his medications again. He is terrified of going to the V.A. because he is resistant to being locked up, this stresses him out terribly when mentioned.

I am posting this because I do not know what to do and White-Wolf Ministries and Social Justice Center has not the funds to cover putting him in a hotel. Reach out to Reverend AJ if you would like to sponsor this young man who served this Nation.

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